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David Langton (deceased)
(Jeff Pomerantz, 1992)
Father of Dawn Winthrop, with Monica Quartermaine, and Nicki Langton, with Penelope Adler. A humanitarian and Vietnam veteran; dies of a heart attack.
Nikki Langton
(Camille Cooper, 1992–93)
Daughter of David Langton and Penelope Adler. Sues Monica Quartermaine for malpractice as revenge for her father's death. Engaged to A. J. Quartermaine but paid by Alan Quartermaine to leave town.
Gary Lansing
(Steve Carlson, 1977–79)
Doctor at General Hospital. Son of Dr. Steven Lansing. Nephew of Roy Lansing. Brother of Howard Lansing. Husband of Gina Dante-Lansing.
Howard Lansing
(Richard Sarradet, 1978–81)
Attorney. Son of Dr. Steven Lansing. Nephew of Roy Lansing. Brother of Gary Lansing. Dates Lesley Webber while she is separated from Rick.
Richard "Ric" Lansing
(Rick Hearst, 2002–09; Nick Kiriazis, temp. 2007)
Son of Trevor Lansing and Adela Corinthos. Maternal half-brother of Sonny Corinthos. Marries Elizabeth Webber and Alexis Davis. Father of Molly Lansing. Part of the Corinthos family. Once kidnaps Carly Corinthos and holds her in a panic room to get revenge on Sonny. Later an attorney for the Corinthos-Morgan Mob organization and the Zacchara organization. Takes over as District Attorney of Port Charles during Alexis Davis' battle with cancer. Moves to Los Angeles, California.
Roy Lansing
(Robert Clarke, 1963–64, Roy Sullivan, 1964)
Drug addict. Brother of Dr. Steven Lansing. Uncle of Dr. Gary Lansing. Dates Peggy Mercer.
Steven Lansing
(Matthew S. Infante, 1963–65)
Doctor at General Hospital. Father of Dr. Gary Lansing.
Trevor Lansing (deceased)
(Stephen Macht, 2007–09)
Father of Ric Lansing, once engaged to Adela Corinthos. Grandfather of Molly Lansing. Attorney for Anthony Zacchara. Jumps to his death from the roof of General Hospital while fighting with Sam McCall over a biotoxin.
Duke Lavery
(Ian Buchanan, 1986–89, 2012—; Gregory Beecroft, 1990)
Reformed mobster. Husband of Anna Devane and stepfather to Robin Scorpio. Presumed dead in 1989. Presumed to return in 1990, later to be revealed an impostor. Revealed to be alive in 2012 and held captive by Cesar Faison, who impersonates him before going to prison.
Meg Lawson
(Alexia Robinson, 1990–94; Lisa Canning, 1994)
Nurse at General Hospital. Friend of Dawn Winthrop.
Kelly Lee
(Gwendoline Yeo, 2006; Minae Noji, 2006—)
Obstetrician at General Hospital. Roommates with Lainey Winters. Good friends with Robin Scorpio.
Winnifred Leeds
(Senta Moses, 2009)
FBI agent whose first undercover assignment leads to the arrest of Damian Spinelli.
Beatrice LeSeur (deceased)
(Marcella Markham, 1984)
Has an affair with Edward Quartermaine which produces a son, Jimmy Lee Holt. Tries to blackmail Edward. Dies from an accidental overdose.
Cameron Lewis (deceased)
(Lane Davies, 2002–04)
Dies in 2004 after being struck by falling debris during the Port Charles Hotel fire. Father of Zander Smith. Grandfather of Cameron Spencer.
Joey Limbo (deceased)
(Sal Landi, 2009)
Mafioso from Bensonhurst. Associate of Luke Spencer when he was in the mob. Killed by Franco.
Anne Logan
(Susan Pratt, 1978–82)
Nurse at General Hospital. Niece of Lucille March Weeks and Audrey March Hardy. Daughter of Edith and Lou Logan. Adoptive mother of Jeremy Hewitt Logan.
Jeremy Logan
(Philip Tanzini, 1978–82)
Adoptive son of Anne Logan.
Janice Lomax
(Saidah Arrika Ekulona, 2012—)
Mayor of Port Charles, New York. Succeeded Garret Floyd as mayor. Hired Anna Devane as police commissioner in 2012.
Victor Lord Jr.
(Trevor St. John, mentioned character)
Identical twin brother of Todd Manning. Husband of Tea Delgado. Father of Sam Manning. Father of Tea Delgado's stillborn son, Victor Lord III. Was brainwashed and went through plastic surgery to pose as "Todd Manning" for eight years while Todd was held captive. Shot and supposedly killed by Todd as revenge.
Victor Lord III (deceased)
(mentioned character, 2012)
Stillborn son of Victor Lord, Jr. and Téa Delgado. After realizing he died at birth, his uncle, Todd Manning, and Heather Webber switch him with the son of Sam and Jason Morgan. Eventually the switch is revealed and Sam's son is returned and named Daniel Morgan.
Eli Love
(Rick Springfield, 2007)
Rock star who bore striking resemblance to Dr. Noah Drake. Was a patient at General Hospital. Ex-lover of Anna Devane.
Ethan Lovett
(Nathan Parsons, 2009–12)
Australian conman who lost his adoptive parents in a car accident. Hired as a bartender at the Haunted Star by Tracy Quartermaine. Originally believed to be Robert Scorpio's son, he is the biological son of Luke Spencer and Holly Sutton. Part of the Spencer family. Becomes a friend to Kristina Davis. Falsely accused of both abusing Kristina Davis and the hit-and-run that kills Kiefer Bauer, her real abuser. Marries Maya Ward and later gets involved with Irina "Cassandra" Cassadine. Leaves Port Charles after Luke realizes Ethan is being followed by Helena Cassadine.
Brandon Lowell (deceased)
(Ross Thomas, 2011)
Abusive ex-boyfriend of Abby Haver. Beaten up by Michael Corinthos and arrested by Dante Falconeri, but eventually released after Anthony Zacchara arranges to set him free. Brandon continues to beat up Abby and threaten Michael until Anthony hires a hit woman to kill him and frame Abby.
Lupe (deceased)
(Priscilla Garita, 2011)
Prostitute working for Javier at the bordello, who keeps Luke Spencer company when he visits. Warns Lulu Spencer about Javier. Murdered by Javier for helping Lulu.
Charlie Lutz
(Ken Smolka, 1981)
Cab driver married to Emma Lutz. Responsible for stealing many things, including the Ice Princess. Charlie gives the Ice Princess to his wife Emma, who then gives it to Luke Spencer. Angered, Charlie steals it again and frames Luke.
Emma Lutz
(Merrie Lyn Ross, 1981–84)
Wife of Charlie Lutz. Friends with Lila Quartermaine.

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