Cheryl Stansbury - K


Lydia Karenin
(Jessica Ferrarone, 2003; J. Robin Miller, 2003)
Socialite who is briefly married to Nikolas Cassadine. Runs away with A. J. Quartermaine.
Andrei Karpov (deceased)
(Ilia Volok, 2008)
Eastern European mafia leader seeking an alliance with Sonny Corinthos so he can put several operations into motion in Port Charles. Shot multiple times and killed by Sonny.
Ewen Keenan (deceased)
(Nathin Butler, 2011–12)
Psychiatrist at Shadybrook Sanitarium and General Hospital. Counsels Elizabeth Webber and helps Shawn Butler with his post-traumatic stress disorder. Treats Kate Howard with her dissociative identity disorder. Dates Elizabeth Webber. Holds Robin Scorpio captive while working for Jerry Jacks, who blackmails him due to his long history with the Jacks family. He dies after being shot by Jason Morgan.
Joe Kelly
(Doug Sheehan, 1978–83)
Private detective turned lawyer who investigates Diana Taylor's murder. Stepson of Rose Kelly.
Paddy Kelly (deceased)
(Frank Parker, 1980)
Husband to Rose Kelly and father of Joe Kelly. Murdered by the mob in Port Charles.
Rose Kelly
(Loanne Bishop, 1980–84)
Original owner of Kelly's Diner. Husband Paddy Kelly is killed by the mob. Stepmother of Joe Kelly and foster mother of Lou Swenson. Gets involved with Jake Meyer. Actress Bishop was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in 1984. She also took part in "Love in the Afternoon," a music compilation sung by soap opera stars in 1982.
Cassius Kibideaux
(Reign Morton, 2007–08)
Orderly at General Hospital. Helps Epiphany Johnson cope with her son's death and subsequent heart attack.
Rafe Kovich, Jr.
(Jimmy Deshler, 2013—)
Son of Caleb Morley and Alison Barrington; named after his mother's husband. Friends with Molly Lansing.

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