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Caroline "Carly" Corinthos Jacks
(Sarah Brown, 1996–2001; Tamara Braun, 2001–05; Jennifer Bransford, 2005; Laura Wright, 2005—)
Co-owner of the Metro Court Hotel with Jasper Jacks and then Kate Howard. Only daughter of John Durant and Bobbie Spencer. Formerly married to A. J. Quartermaine, Sonny Corinthos, Lorenzo Alcazar and Jasper Jacks. Part of the Spencer family. Mother to Michael Corinthos III, Morgan Corinthos and Josslyn Jacks.
Lady Jane Jacks
(Barbara Tarbuck, 1996–2010)
Mother of Jasper Jacks and Jerry Jacks. Widow of John Jacks. Grandmother of Josslyn Jacks.
Jasper "Jax" Jacks
(Ingo Rademacher, 1996–2000, 2001–11, 2012; Gideon Emery, temp. 2008)
Australian business tycoon, co-owner of the Metro Court Hotel until he sells his half to Kate Howard. Son of John and Jane Jacks. Brother of Jerry Jacks. Father of Josslyn Jacks. Marries Miranda Jameson, Alexis Davis, Courtney Matthews, Skye Chandler Quartermaine and Carly Corinthos Jacks. Once engaged to Brenda Barrett. Believed to be dead after Sonny Corinthos causes Jax's plane to crash but revealed to be alive. Briefly returns to Port Charles in 2012 when Josslyn falls ill and Jerry poisons the water supply.
Jerry Jacks
(Julian Stone, 1998–99; Sebastian Roché, 2007–08, 2009, 2010, 2012)
International criminal. Also known as James Craig and James Brosnan, he is responsible for the Metro Court Hotel hostage crisis in February 2007. Son of John and Jane Jacks. Brother of Jasper Jacks. Once engaged to Bobbie Spencer. Briefly dates Alexis Davis. Presumed dead many times. Revealed to be behind faking Robin Scorpio's death, working for Cesar Faison.
John Jacks (deceased)
(Peter Renaday, 1996–2003)
Father of Jasper and Jerry Jacks. Husband of Jane Jacks. Grandfather of Josslyn Jacks. Murdered by Ewen Keenan.
Josslyn Jacks
(McKenna and Karleigh Larson, 2009–12; Sarah Johnson, 2012—)
Only daughter of Carly Corinthos Jacks and Jasper Jacks. Part of the Spencer family. Maternal half-sister of Michael Corinthos and Morgan Corinthos.
Eric "Edge" Jackson (deceased)
(Mark St. James, 1990–91)
Con artist and filmmaker. Murders Dawn Winthrop and frames Decker Moss for her murder. Impersonates Evan Jerome, but Anna Devane and Jerome family lawyer Broxton prove that he is a fraud. Later killed by German bootleggers when he doublecrossed.
Dr. Terrell Jackson
(Khary Payton, 2011)
Pediatrician at General Hospital with an unknown past with Lisa Niles. Tries to seduce Robin Scorpio as part of a scheme concocted by Lisa. Operates on Josslyn Jacks, saving her life.
(Stella Stevens, 1996–99)
Owner of Jake's Bar for a while. Allows Jason Morgan to live upstairs when he moves out of the Quartermaine mansion in 1996.
Miranda Jameson
(Leslie Horan, 1996–97)
Previously married to Jasper Jacks and presumed dead after an explosion, but actually hidden by John Jacks. Friend of Katherine Bell. Leaves Port Charles to rebuild her life.
Cal Jamison
(Larry Block, 1978)
Mobster. Has a fling with Bobbie Spencer, who pays him to conceal the secrets of her past. Reveals that Steven Lars Webber is alive.
Aleksander Janáček (deceased)
(Antonie Knoppers, 2010)
Son of Theo Hoffman and Suzanne Stanwyck. Lover of Brenda Barrett and father of Alec Barrett. Works in organized crime. Killed by Brenda after he becomes obsessed with her and attacks her bodyguard Dante Falconeri.
Ross Janelle
(Tony Dow, 1974–75)
Police officer investigating Phil Brewer's murder. Briefly dates Nurse Beth Maynard, (Georgianne LaPierre) sister of Diana Maynard Taylor.
(Kurt Caceres, 2011)
Owner of a bordello in Jacksonville, Florida. Hires Lulu Spencer as a waitress when she is in Jacksonville looking for her father Luke. Associate of Luke Spencer. Has a crush on Lulu. Kills Lupe and says that she died in the shower.
(Frank Killmond, 1984–92)
Butler for the Quartermaine family. Uncle of Reginald Jennings.
Reginald Jennings
(Stephen Kay, 1992–2004)
Butler for the Quartermaine family. Nephew of their previous butler Jennings. Dates the Corinthos' nanny, Leticia Juarez. Poisons Katherine Bell. Locks Luke Spencer and Felicia Jones in the Quartermaine crypt.
Dara Jensen
(Vanita Harbour, 1996–2004)
Prosecutor. Cousin of Jamal Woods and Hope Hartman. Dates Justus Ward and Marcus Taggert.
Evan Jerome (deceased)
(mentioned character)
Killed in 1983 by a nun named Camilla. Impersonated in 1990–91 by Eric "Edge" Jackson.
Julian Jerome (deceased)
(Jason Culp, 1988–90)
Son of mob boss Victor Jerome. Dies in a shootout with Duke Lavery. Biological father of Lucas Jones.
Victor Jerome (deceased)
(Jack Axelrod, 1987–89)
Mob boss. Father of Julian Jerome and Olivia St. John. Chokes on a pendant after being rebuffed by Lucy Coe.
Amelia Joffe
(Annie Wersching, 2007)
Television producer of Everyday Heroes. Comes to town to get revenge on Sam McCall for murdering her father. Has a fling with Sonny Corinthos. Assists Jason Morgan in saving Jake Spencer when he is kidnapped.
Epiphany Johnson
(Sonya Eddy, 2006—)
Head nurse at General Hospital. Mother of Stan Johnson.
Stanford "Stan" Johnson (deceased)
(Gomez Warren, 2003–06; Karim Prince, 2006–07; Kiko Ellsworth, 2007)
Computer expert. Son of Epiphany Johnson. Employee of Sonny Corinthos and Jason Morgan. Killed in 2008 while in Florida on business.
Andrew "Frisco" Jones
(Jack Wagner, 1983–88, 1989–91, 1994, 1995; Kevin Bernhardt, 1985)
Agent with the World Security Bureau. Detective with the Port Charles Police Department. Freelance adventurer. Lead singer of the rock n' roll band "Blackie and the Riff-Raff". Marries Felicia Jones. Father of Georgie and Maxie Jones. Brother of Tony Jones. Part of the Scorpio/Jones family.
Anthony "Tony" Jones (deceased)
(Brad Maule, 1984–2006)
Neurologist at General Hospital. His first wife Tania Roskov dies in a hit-and-run accident. Raises daughter B. J. Jones by himself until he marries Lucy Coe. Later marries Bobbie Spencer, but they divorces after he has an affair with her daughter, Carly Benson. Adoptive father of Lucas Jones. After B.J.'s death in a school bus accident, Tony arranges to have her heart donated to B.J.'s ailing cousin Maxie Jones. Once kidnaps Michael Corinthos, whom he believes to be his biological son. Dies during an encephalitis outbreak in 2006.
Barbara Jean "B.J." Jones (deceased)
(Brighton Hertford, 1989–94; Kirsten Storms, 2009 (in a dream))
Daughter of Tony Jones and Tania Roskov. Adoptive daughter of Bobbie Spencer. Dies when her school bus is hit by a drunk driver, and her heart is donated to her cousin Maxie Jones.
Felicia Jones
(Kristina Wagner, 1984–2003, 2004–05, 2007–08, 2012–; Sandra Ferguson, 2005)
Marries Frisco Jones, Colton Shore and Mac Scorpio. Mother of Maxie Jones and Georgie Jones.
Georgie Jones (deceased)
(Alana and Marina Norwood, 1995; Ryan and Caitlin Cohen, 1995; Caroline and Elizabeth van Heil, 1996; Breck Bruns, 1997–2002; Lindze Letherman, 2002–07, 2010)
Daughter of Frisco Jones and Felicia Jones. Stepdaughter of Mac Scorpio. Younger sister of Maxie Jones. Marries Dillon Quartermaine when they think he is going to die, but divorces him in 2006 after his affair with Lulu Spencer. Has a crush on Damian Spinelli. Murdered by Diego Alcazar. Returns as a spirit to Maxie in 2010 when she is in the hospital.
Lucas Jones
(Kevin and Chuckie Gravino, 1989–94; Kevin and Christopher Graves, 1990; Jay Sacane, 1994–96; Justin Cooper, 1996–98; Logan O'Brien, 1998–2002; J. Evan Bonifant, 2002; C.J. Thomason, 2002–03; Ryan Carnes, 2004–05; Ben Hogestyn, 2005–06)
Adoptive son of Tony Jones and Bobbie Spencer. Biological son of Julian Jerome and Cheryl Stansbury. Discloses his homosexuality to his parents. Moves to Seattle.
Maxie Jones
(Chelsey and Kahley Cuff, 1990–91; Ashley and Jessica Clark, 1992; Elaine and Melanie Silver, 1992–93; Robyn Richards, 1993–2001, 2002–04; Danica Stewart, 2002; Kirsten Storms, 2005–11, 2012—; Jen Lilley, 2011–12)
Daughter of Frisco Jones and Felicia Jones. Step-daughter of Mac Scorpio. Older sister of Georgie Jones. Receives her cousin B.J.'s heart in a transplant when she is a little girl. Works as an assistant to Kate Howard at Crimson Magazine.
Slick Jones
(Eddie Ryder, 1981–83)
Friend of Luke and Laura, Robert Scorpio, Tiffany Hill, and Emma Lutz. Helps Luke when he is looking for the Ice Princess treasures and with the opening of the Haunted Star.
Tania Roskov Jones (deceased)
(Hilary Edson, 1984–87)
Speech therapist at General Hospital. Mother of B. J. Jones. Wife of Tony Jones.
Leticia Juarez (deceased)
(Christine Carlo, 1998–2006; Jessi Morales, 2006–07)
Nanny of Michael and Morgan Corinthos. Dates Reginald Jennings. First victim of the Text Message Killer, (Diego Alcazar), in September 2007.
JT (deceased)
(Greg Cipes, 2011)
Drug dealer working for Anthony Zacchara. Drugs Lucky Spencer. Dies in a shootout caused by Johnny Zacchara.
Mercedes Juarez
(Chrissie Fit, 2007—)
Nanny of Michael and Morgan Corinthos, later nanny of Emma Drake. Cousin of Leticia Juarez and a maid at the Metro Court.

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