Cheryl Stansbury - I


Eric Ingstorm
(John Ericson, 1987–88)
Husband of Greta Ingstorm. Doctor at General Hospital. Held hostage on the Biscayne Islands. Rescued by Robert Scorpio, Anna Devane, and Frisco Jones.
Greta Ingstorm
(Kristina Wayborn, 1987–88)
Scientist. Fell for Sean Donely. Wife of Eric Ingstorm. Was almost killed on several occasions by her co-worker Malcolm.
Irina (deceased)
(Olga Vilner, 2007)
Ex-girlfriend of Jerry Jacks (deceased). Raped Jasper Jacks. Threatened Carly Corinthos. Shot and killed by Jerry Jacks.
Kalup Ishamel
(Kalup Linzy, 2010)
Performer. Helped Franco in his schemes.

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