Cheryl Stansbury - H


Richard Halifax
(Randolph Mantooth, 1993)
Enemy of Bill Eckert.
David Hamilton (deceased)
(Jerry Ayres)
Dated Laura Spencer, who accidentally killed him after he rejected her. Previously made advances to Laura's mother, Lesley Webber.
John Hanley (deceased)
(Lee Mathis, 1994–96)
AIDS patient who spoke at the 1995 Nurses' Ball. Became friends with Lucy Coe, Stone Cates, Robin Scorpio and many other residents.
Tammy Hansen
(Patricia Healy, 1998–2000; Tamara Clatterbuck, 2000–01)
Former prostitute. Dated Mike Corbin.
Audrey March Hardy
(Rachel Ames, 1964–2007, 2009)
Mother of Thomas Hardy. Step-grandmother of Elizabeth, Sarah, and Steven Lars Webber. Sister of Lucille March. Widow of Steve Hardy.
Simone Ravelle Hardy
(Laura Carrington, 1987–89; Stephanie Williams, 1990–93; Felecia Bell, 1993–96)
Pediatrician. Ex-wife of Tom Hardy Sr.
Steve Hardy (deceased)
(John Beradino, 1963–96)
Father of Jeff Webber. Grandfather of Elizabeth, Sarah, and Steven Webber. Husband of Audrey March Hardy.
Thomas Steven "Tom" Hardy Jr.
(Catherine and Noelle Paige, 1989–92; Christian Michel and Jean-Paul Rene Piette, 1992–93; Zachary Ellington Jr., 1994–97)
Son of Tom Hardy Sr. and Simone Ravelle Hardy.
Tom Hardy Sr. (born as Thomas Baldwin Jr.)
(Christine Cahill, 1971–74; David Comfort, 1977–81; Bradley Green, 1981–82; David Wallace, 1987–89, 1993; Matthew Ashford, 1995–97)
Biological son of Thomas Baldwin and Audrey March Hardy. Adoptive son of Dr. Steve Hardy. Nephew of Lee and Gail Baldwin. Cousin of Scott Baldwin. Ex-husband of Dr. Simone Ravelle Hardy.
David Harper
(Jay Pickett, 2007–08)
Detective at Port Charles Police Department. Brought in to help investigate the Corinthos/Zacchara mob war.
Maureen Harper
(Christie Lynn Smith, 2007, December 22, 2008)
Guest on Sam McCall's former show Everyday Heroes. Kidnapped Jacob Spencer.
Abby Haver (deceased)
(Andrea Bogart, 2010–11)
Friend of Sam McCall. Dated Michael Corinthos. Formerly worked as a stripper under the name Candy and attended college part-time to become a paralegal. Clashed with Carly over Michael. Was almost raped by her abusive ex-boyfriend Brandon, causing Michael to confess that he was raped while in the Pentonville prison. Died after being struck in the head with construction debris in Chicago.
Bryce Hawthorne
(Chad W. Smathers, 2010–11)
Best friend of Kiefer Bauer. Classmate of Kristina Davis and Michael Corinthos. Bullied and harassed both Kristina and Michael after Kiefer's death.
Logan Hayes (deceased)
(Josh Duhon, 2007–08)
Veteran of the Iraq War. Illegitimate son of Scott Baldwin and Jacqueline Hayes. Brother of Karen Wexler, Serena Baldwin, and Christina Baldwin. Killed by Lulu Spencer in self-defense after an ill-fated romance.
James Hobart (deceased)
(James B. Sikking, 1973–76)
Former doctor at General Hospital. Was briefly married to Audrey March Hardy.
Theo Hoffman (also known as The Balkan) (deceased)
(Daniel Benzali, 2010–11)
Brenda Barrett's defense attorney. Father of the deceased Aleksander Janacek, whom Brenda accidentally killed. His secret alias was "The Balkan", and he worked as an international criminal dealing in drugs and the exploitation of women and children. Married to Suzanne Stanwyck, also known as Stephanie Wayne, who was Aleksander's mother. Killed by Suzanne before he had the chance to meet his grandson, Alec.
Summer Holloway (deceased)
(Brittney Powell, 2002–03)
Killed by Stefan Cassadine. Former friend of Luke Spencer and former lover of Lucky Spencer.
Jessica Holmes (deceased)
(Starr Andreeff, 1991–93)
Ex-A.D.A. Had an affair with Sean Donely. Murdered by Ryan Chamberlain.
Ted Holmes (deceased)
(David Doyle)
Lawyer to Jennifer Talbot. Murdered by Sarah, Earl Moody's housekeeper.
Teddy Holmes
(Unknown actor, 1972–73)
Boarder living with Jessie Brewer at the same time with Jessie's niece and nephew Caroline and Kent Murray. Attempted to seduce Caroline for her money.
Charity Gatlin Holt
(Gloria Carlin, 1986)
Wife of Jimmy Lee Holt. As of 2012, according to Edward, Jimmy Lee and Charity do not have any children.
Jimmy Lee Holt (born Eric Quartermaine)
(Steve Bond, 1983–87)
Illegitimate son of Edward Quartermaine and Beatrice LeSeur. Part of the Quartermaine family. His best friend was Dr. Buzz Stryker, whose daughter Sandy had a huge crush on him. Divorced from Celia Quartermaine. Married Charity Gatlin. As of 2012, according to Edward, Jimmy Lee and Charity do not have any children. Revealed to have been disinherited by Edward in 2013.
Paul Hornsby
(Paul Satterfield, 1991–94)
Father to Dillon Quartermaine, Susan Hornsby, and Paul Hornsby Jr. Ex-husband of Tracy Quartermaine. Husband of Jenny Eckert.
Paul Hornsby Jr.
(mentioned character)
Son of Paul Hornsby. Paternal half-brother of Dillon Quartermaine and Susan Hornsby.
Susan Hornsby
(Unknown actress)
Daughter of Paul Hornsby. Paternal half-sister to Dillon Quartermaine and Paul Hornsby Jr.
Katherine Hardwicke "Kate" Howard (born Constanza Louise "Connie" Falconeri)
(Megan Ward, 2007–10; Kelly Sullivan, 2011—)
Had a childhood romance with Sonny Corinthos back in Bensonhurst. Raped by Joe Scully, Jr. as a teenager, ending up with a son she left behind. Biological mother of Trey Mitchell as a result of her rape. Legally changed her name and her life as a result of her traumatic experience. As Kate Howard, she built herself into a world-famous fashion magazine editor. Former editor of Couture Magazine and currently running Crimson Magazine, a business venture with Jasper Jacks. Has been shot twice due to her relationship with Sonny Corinthos. Cousin of Olivia Falconeri and Dante Falconeri. Ex-lover of Jasper Jacks and Coleman Ratcliffe. Wife of Johnny Zacchara as her split personality Connie Falconeri. Co-owner of the Metro Court Hotel with Carly Jacks. Was engaged to Sonny Corinthos. Suffered from dissociative identity disorder as she now has an alter ego; Connie. Was treated from Dr. Ewen Keenan in Shadybrook.
Brianna Hughes (deceased)
(Kathryn Condidorio, 2009)
Mistress of Port Charles Mayor Garrett "Prescott" Floyd. Allegedly slipped and fell in the shower at the Metro Court. Died in a surgery conducted by Matt Hunter.
Matt Hunter
(Jason Cook, 2008–12)
Son of Noah Drake. Brother of Patrick Drake. Uncle of Emma Grace Scorpio-Drake. Resident doctor at General Hospital. Ex-husband of Maxie Jones. Went to prison for five years for the murder of Lisa Niles.
Iona Huntington
(Janis Paige, 1989–90)
Aunt to Katherine Delafield. When Ned Ashton bought an old, abandoned house on Spoon Island, Iona returned to Port Charles because she realized that, long ago, she had hidden plates for an old counterfeiting machine within the house. She broke into the house, stole back the counterfeiting plates and, not being able to resist temptation, began printing phony five-dollar bills in Katherine's home.
Jefferson Smith Hutchins (also known as Hutch)
(Rick Moses)
Henchman of Frank Smith who, originally ordered to get rid of Luke and Laura, became friends with them. Worked with Luke and Laura at Mom and Pop Calhoon's Diner and lived with them on the Whittakers' farm. Pretended to help Luke and Laura search for the Left-Handed Boy but was instead after Frank Smith's gold.

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