Cheryl Stansbury - G


Max Giambetti
(Derk Cheetwood, 2002—)
Bodyguard for Sonny Corinthos and Jason Morgan. Briefly a security guard at the Metro Court Hotel. Son of Maximus Giambetti and brother of Milo Giambetti. Has a major crush on Sonny's ex-wife, Carly Corinthos. Dates mob lawyer Diane Miller until 2011.
Maximus Giambetti
(Vincent Pastore, 2008)
A well-known and legendary mob boss, deported from the country. Father of Max and Milo Giambetti. Max tells his father that he is the boss of the crime family in Port Charles, and pleads everyone to play along, including Maxie Jones, Carly Corinthos and Claudia Zacchara. Maximus later reveals that he knew of the ruse all along and that he is proud of Max for earning enough respect to get everyone to lie for him. Maximus then flees the country in order to avoid the FBI.
Milo Giambetti
(Drew Cheetwood, 2006—)
Bodyguard for Sonny Corinthos and Jason Morgan. Son of Maximus Giambetti. Brother of Max Giambetti. Has a major crush on Lulu Spencer.
Alice Grant (deceased)
(Lieux Dressler, 1978–83, 1993–98)
Mother of Heather Webber and aunt of Susan Moore. Housekeeper for Lesley and Rick Webber. Murders Diana Taylor to keep Diana from killing her daughter Heather. Dies of a cerebral hemorrhage.
Carla Greco
(Laura Harring, 1990–91)
Shoots and kills Rico Chacone in self-defense in 1990. Had been formerly engaged to Rico and was brutally beaten by him. Has a brother named Frankie and is friends with Colton Shore.
Frankie Greco
(Robert Fontaine, 1990–91)
Has a sister named Carla and is friends with Colton Shore, Decker and Dawn. Works at Body Heat and is a photographer.
David Grey (deceased)
(Paul Rosilli, 1981–82)
Wants to steal the treasures of Malcuth. Hypnotizes Laura Spencer and sends her out to sea, where the Cassadines later capture her. Eventually killed by Luke Spencer.
Alice Gunderson
(Bergen Williams, 2001—)
Maid for the Quartermaine family. Devoted to Luke Spencer. Also works as a professional wrestler during her free time; her stage name is "The Dominator". 5% Shareholder of ELQ.

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