Cheryl Stansbury - E


Angela Eckert
(Carol Lawrence, 1991–92)
Mother of Bill and Jenny Eckert. Married to Fred Eckert. Grandmother of Sly Eckert and Paul Hornsby Jr.
Bill Eckert (deceased)
(Anthony Geary, 1991–93)
Brother of Jenny Eckert and look-alike cousin of Luke Spencer. Was an employee of Harlan Barrett and member of the cartel. Killed by Frank Smith's men after being mistaken for Luke Spencer.
Fred Eckert (deceased)
(William Boyett, 1991)
Father of Bill and Jenny Eckert. Husband of Angela Moscini. Brother of Lena Eckert-Spencer. Grandfather to Paul Hornsby Jr. and Sly Eckert. Died of a fatal heart attack.
Jenny Eckert
(Cheryl Richardson, 1991–94, 1996)
An environmentalist once married to Ned Ashton. Married to Paul Hornsby.
Nancy Eckert (deceased)
(Linda Dona, 1991)
Ex-wife of Bill Eckert. Murdered by her son Sly's babysitter.
Sly Eckert
(Glenn Walker Harris, Jr., 1991–96)
Son of Bill Eckert and Nancy Eckert. Nephew of Jenny Eckert.
Angel Sorel Ellis
(Angel Boris, 2001)
Private investigator. Daughter of Joseph Sorel. Widow of Donnie Ellis. Helped Sonny after he was stabbed by Sorel. Fled town after the police learned that she killed Sorel. Former lover of Sonny and Jax.
Marianna Erosa
(Yeniffer Behrens, 2008)
Waitress in Martha's Vineyard. Hired by Trevor Lansing to manipulate his son, Ric Lansing. Had a very mysterious past. Dated Ric Lansing.

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