Cheryl Stansbury - D


Marco Dane
(Gerald Anthony, 1992–93)
Opportunist from Llanview who becomes Jagger Cates's boxing promoter. Blackmails many citizens of Llanview and Port Charles. Hired by Tracy Quartermaine to dig up Jenny Eckert's past.
Nico Dane (deceased)
(Ryan Alosio, 2004)
Ex-boyfriend of Sam McCall. Had run a carjacking ring with Sam, who eventually testifies against him to avoid her own criminal charges. After getting out of jail, he comes to Port Charles as an employee of Faith Rosco in order to get Sam back, kidnapping her twice. Shot and killed by Jason Morgan, who saves Sam.
Mark Dante
(Unknown actor, 1976; Michael Delano, 1976; Gerald Gordon, 1976–78, 1982–83)
Doctor at General Hospital. Has an affair with Terri Webber Arnett. Married to Mary-Ellen, later marries and becomes a widower of Katie Lamont.
Mary Ellen Dante
(Lee Warrick, 1976–77)
Wife of Mark Dante. Has a mental breakdown and is sent to a sanitarium.
Gina Dante-Lansing
(Anna Stuart, 1977–78; Donna Baccala, 1978–79)
Doctor at General Hospital. Sister of Mark Dante. Married to Gary Lansing.
Sophia Cassadine Davidovitch (deceased)
(mentioned character)
Daughter of Adara and Adrian Cassadine, sister of Victor, Mikkos, and Anthony Cassadine and part of the Cassadine family. Wife of Alexi Davidovitch.
Alexis Davis (born Natasha Cassadine)
(Nancy Lee Grahn, 1996—)
Daughter of Mikkos Cassadine and Kristin Bergman; part of the Cassadine family. Mother of Sam McCall, Kristina Davis, and Molly Lansing. Marries Ric Lansing and Jasper Jacks. Engaged at one point to Ned Ashton. Defense attorney for Sonny Corinthos and law firm parter of Diane Miller.
Harrison Davis
(Kevin Best, 1990)
Neurosurgeon at General Hospital who treats Tony Jones. Obsessed with Simone Ravelle Hardy, with whom he has an affair. Marries Meg Lawson. Later leaves town.
Kristina Adela Corinthos Davis
(Sarah and Emma Smith, 2003–05; Kali Rodriguez, 2005–09; Lexi Ainsworth, 2009–11; Lindsey Morgan, 2012—)
Daughter of Sonny Corinthos and Alexis Davis; part of the Cassadine family and Corinthos family. Has a complicated relationship with her father. Is abused by boyfriend Kiefer Bauer. Drops out of college and briefly has a reality show, "Mob Princess." Ex-wife of Trey Mitchell.
Molly Lansing Davis
(Hope and Faith Dever, 2005–07; Iris and Ivy Kaim, 2007–08; Haley Pullos, 2009—)
Daughter of Ric Lansing and Alexis Davis; part of the Cassadine family and Corinthos family. Dates T. J. Ashford despite the fact that her mother doesn't approve.
Howie Dawson
(Ray Girardin, 1968–74)
Marries Jane Dawson, has numerous affairs with other women. Administrator at General Hospital. Moves to New York City.
Jane Harland Dawson
(Shelby Hiatt, 1968–75)
Previously married to Howie Dawson. Cousin of Augusta McLeod. Adoptive mother of Joanne Dawson. Nurse at General Hospital.
Mrs. Dawson
(Unknown actress, 1969–74)
Howie Dawson's mother.
Katherine Delafield
(Edie Lehmann, 1989–90)
Famous pianist. Katherine's family mysteriously dies in accidents secretly arranged by Katherine's cousin and fiancé. She and Robert Scorpio spar when they first meet, but the duo quickly becomes attracted to one another. Robert and Katherine become engaged, but Duke Lavery's death interrupts and indefinitely postpones their marriage. After Robert realizes he cannot fully commit to her, she leaves in 1990 with her adopted son King Delafield.
King Delafield
(Christopher Babers, 1990)
Adopted son of Katherine Delafield.
Téa Delgado
(Florencia Lozano, 2012)
Attorney. Mother of Danielle Manning and Victor Lord III (stillborn). Comes to Port Charles in 2012 to provide legal counsel for Starr Manning, who had held mobster Sonny Corinthos at gunpoint. Returns to Llanview with her son that really is the baby of Sam and Jason Morgan, who is later returned and named Daniel Morgan.
Desiree (deceased)
(Chi-en Telemaque, 1990)
Mistress of Cesar Faison. Murdered by Faison, but her death is ruled a suicide.
Anna Devane
(Finola Hughes, 1985–91, 1995, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2012–; Camilla Moore, 1991–92)
PCPD Police-Commissioner. Mother of Robin Scorpio and Leora Hayward. Marries Duke Lavery, Robert Scorpio and David Hayward. Grandmother of Emma Drake.
Bennett Devlin (deceased)
(Edward Albert, 1997–99)
Father of Buddy and Julie Morris-Devlin. Surgeon at General Hospital. Marries Nicole Devlin. Has an affair with Eve Lambert. Killed by his daughter Julie Morris-Devlin, while under the control of Greg Cooper.
Julie Morris Devlin
(Lisa Ann Hadley, 1997–2000, 2000–01)
Intern at General Hospital. Marries Chris Ramsey. Daughter of Bennett Devlin. Sister to Buddy Devlin. Mother to Christina Baldwin, whom she gives up for adoption. Dates Frank Scanlon.
Ian Devlin (deceased)
(Seamus Dever, 2008)
Doctor at General Hospital who is involved in a drug-importing scheme with Claudia Zacchara. Friend of Patrick Drake in medical school. Shoots Michael Corinthos in a botched attempt on Sonny Corinthos' life, and is later killed by Jason Morgan. Tried to begin a friendship with Sam McCall after he treated her several times.
Roy DiLucca
(Asher Brauner, 1978–79); (A Martinez, 1999–2002)
Father of Hannah Scott. Fakes his death in 1979 after a failed assassination attempt on Sen. Mitch Williams. Mob associate of Luke Spencer. Lover of Bobbie Spencer.
Ronnie Dimestico (deceased)
(Ronnie Marmo, 2009–12)
Police detective and Dante Falconeri's lieutenant. Grows up with Dante and Olivia Falconeri in Bensonhurst. Has a mysterious past with Franco. Shows signs of corruption, such as hiding Johnny Zacchara's gun after he is shot by Sonny Corinthos in self-defense. Revealed to be the man attacking strippers and the gunman that tried to shoot Dante in the Metro Court parking garage. Kidnaps Lulu Spencer and Sam McCall, eventually holding them hostage at The Haunted Star. Killed by John McBain in a shootout.
(Linda Cristal, 1988)
Mother of Dino Jerome. Mistress of Victor Jerome.
Andrew Domman (deceased)
(Unknown actor)
Thug shot and killed by Jason Morgan in 2005.
Sean Donely
(John Reilly, 1984–95, 2008 (General Hospital: Night Shift))
Police Commissioner of Port Charles. Husband of Tiffany Hill. Father of Connor Olivera and Anna Donely. Commits adultery with Jessica Holmes, and she becomes pregnant. It is not known whether Sean is the father of the child, as Jessica is murdered by Ryan Chamberlain before the baby is born.
Tiffany Hill Donely (also known as Elsie Mae Crumholz)
(Sharon Wyatt, 1981–83, 1986–95, 2008 (General Hospital: Night Shift)
Sister of Cheryl Stansbury. Wife of Sean Donely. Mother of Anna Donely. Biological aunt of Lucas Jones.
Sasha Donev (deceased)
(Sandra Hess, 2008)
Lawyer for Russian crime lord Andre Karpov. Has Jake Spencer kidnapped. Shot and killed by an unknown sniper.
Pierce Dorman (deceased)
(Bradley White, 1996; Rob Youngblood, 1996; Tuc Watkins, 1996–97)
Physician at General Hospital. Has an affair with Monica Quartermaine. Sues Monica for sexual harassment. Murdered by a drug dealer at the hospital.
Emma Grace Scorpio Drake
(Gianna and Jessie, 2009–11; Francesca Cistone, 2011; Brooklyn Rae Silzer, 2011—)
Daughter of Patrick Drake and Robin Scorpio.
Noah Drake
(Rick Springfield, 1981–83, 2005–07, 2008, 2012)
Neurosurgeon at General Hospital. Look-alike of rock star Eli Love. Recovering alcoholic. Father of Patrick Drake and Matt Hunter.
Patrick Drake
(Jason Thompson, 2005—)
Neurosurgeon at General Hospital. Husband of Robin Scorpio. Gets involved with Leyla Mir and Lisa Niles. Father of Emma Drake. Son of Noah Drake and Mattie Drake. Paternal half-brother of Matt Hunter.
Toussaint Dubois
(Billy Dee Williams, 2009)
Hospital janitor with a mysterious past. Friend of Epiphany Johnson.
John Durant (deceased)
(Corbin Bernsen, 2004–06)
Father of Carly Corinthos. Prosecuting attorney. Killed by Manny Ruiz in 2006.
Algernon Durban
(Nicholas Hammond, 1984, 1985)
Con-artist cousin of Holly Scorpio. Brother of Alistair Durban.
Alistair Durban
(Charles Shaughnessy, 1984)
Con artist cousin of Holly Scorpio. Brother of Algernon Durban.
James Duvall (deceased)
(Arthur Roberts)
Pushed down the stairs by Alexandria Quartermaine. Once dates Alexandria Quartermaine.
Angela Dwire
(mentioned character)
Attorney for the Zacchara family. Arranges to have Brandon Lowell and Anthony Zacchara set free.

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