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Eddie Cabrera
(Christian Monzon, 2012)
Husband of Delores Padilla. Framed for beating up local strippers by Ronnie Dimestico.
Asher Caldwell
(DaJuan Johnson, 2011)
Employee at E.L.Q Industries. Clashed with Michael Corinthos in the workplace. Worked for Anthony Zacchara.
Mom and Pop Calhoon
(Unknown actors, 1980)
Owned a diner which employed Luke and Laura while they were on the run. Good friends to the Whittakers.
Florence Campbell
(Lynne Moody, 2000–02)
Mother of Gia Campbell and former PCPD detective Marcus Taggert.
Gia Campbell
(Marisa Ramirez, 2000–02; Andrea Pearson, 2002–03)
Daughter of Florence Campbell. Half-sister of former police detective Marcus Taggert. Former student at Columbia Law School. Became world famous model as "The Face of Deception". Ex-fiancée of Nikolas Cassadine. Ex-lover of Alexander "Zander" Smith.
Andy Capelli (deceased)
(Jay Bontatibus, 2002–04)
Detective for the Port Charles Police Department. Shot Officer Brian Beck and framed Jason Morgan. Later killed by Jason Morgan in self-defense.
Gillian Carlyle
(Marsha Thomason, 2009)
Publicist for mysterious artist Franco. Resides in Europe. Fled with Franco after the disappearances of Sam McCall and Lulu Spencer.
Peter Carroll
(Dakin Matthews, 2010)
Judge who presided over the trial against Sonny Corinthos for the death of Claudia Zacchara. Ultimately sentenced Michael Corinthos III to five years in the Pentonville prison when his involvement was revealed.
Tammy Carson
(Patricia Healy, 1998–2000; Tamara Clatterbuck, 2000–01)
Dated Mike Corbin. Friend of Felicia Jones, Dr. Tony Jones, Bobbie Spencer, and Luke Spencer. Former manager of Kelly's Diner.
Carter (deceased)
(Josh Wingate, 2010; 2011)
Inmate in Pentonville prison hired by Franco to rape Michael Corinthos. Killed by Jason Morgan.
Theresa Carter (deceased)
(Alicia Arden, 2002)
Had an affair with Rick Webber in 1978. Killed by Laura Webber during a fight.
Anthony "Tony" Cassadine (deceased)
(Andre Landzaat, 1981)
Part of the Cassadine family. Former lover of Alexandria Quartermaine. He and Alexandria were frozen to death in 1981 when they unknowingly walked into Mikkos Cassadine's ice chamber.
Dimitri Cassadine
(Michael Carvin, 1986)
Mikkos, Victor and Tony's cousin. It was unclear if he was related to Petros, another cousin who bore a striking resemblance to Mikkos. Came to Port Charles from Brazil as the poor Cassadine, something no one was aware of, and established a business relationship with Sean Donely and the Quartermaines in February 1986. Helped Sean drive a wedge between Celia Quartermaine and Jimmy Lee Holt using Pilar. With the Donely/Cassadine merger now public knowledge, Monica began assisting them in bringing down the Quartermaines. After Jimmy Lee announced that the merger would make them richer, he and Edward Quartermaine decided to invest their fortune, unaware it was fake. With 50% of the Quartermaine fortune in his grasp, Dimitri betrayed Sean, who then tried to make up for his scheme by warning the Quartermaines. Unfortunately his warnings fall on deaf ears as Jimmy Lee and Edward sold the other 50% stock, thereby assuring their financial ruin. Having obtained the entire Quartermaine fortune, Dimitri fled to Brazil just as the Quartermaines were informed of their losses. It is unknown whether he is alive or deceased, as he has not been seen, heard, or spoken of since his departure in April 1986.
Helena Cassadine
(Elizabeth Taylor, 1981; Dimitra Arliss (1996); Constance Towers 1997–2002, 2003, 2004–07, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)
Rich widow of Mikkos Cassadine. Mother of Stefan Cassadine, Stavros Cassadine and Irina Cassadine. Stepmother of Alexis Davis and Kristina Cassadine. Grandmother of Nikolas Cassadine. Cursed Luke and Laura Spencer on their wedding day on November 16, 1981. Sought revenge on the Spencer family after her sons were murdered by them. Killed her own daughter when she sided with a Spencer rather than her.
Irina Cassadine (deceased)
(Alyshia Ochse, 2011–12)
Daughter of Helena Cassadine and part of the Cassadine family. Came to town with Dr. Ewen Keenan as his patient and developed a relationship with Ethan Lovett while under the name Cassandra. Shot and killed on Helena's orders when she refused to be part of her mother's life anymore.
Kristina Cassadine (deceased)
(Jaime Ray Newman, 2001–02)
Daughter of Mikkos Cassadine and Kristin Bergman. Sister of Alexis Davis. Part of the Cassadine family. Died after an explosion meant for Sonny Corinthos. Her niece, Kristina, is named in honor of her. Ex-lover of Ned Ashton.
Mikkos Cassadine (deceased)
(John Colicos, 1981)
Patriarch of the Cassadine family. Was the chief villain in the Ice Princess affair, where he put North America into a deep freeze in mid-July. Was killed while fighting Luke Spencer, who threw him into the ice chamber to avoid having himself thrown in.
Nikolas Cassadine
(Tyler Christopher, 1996–99, 2003–11; Coltin Scott, 1999–2003)
Son of Laura Spencer and Stavros Cassadine, making him part of both the Spencer family and Cassadine family. Maternal half-brother of Lucky Spencer and Lulu Spencer. Father of Spencer Cassadine with Courtney Matthews. Ex-husband of Emily Quartermaine and Lydia Karenin. Ex-lover of Rebecca Shaw and Elizabeth Webber. Left Port Charles for Europe with his son after finding out that Aiden Cassadine (now Aiden Spencer) was Lucky's, not Nikolas', biological son.
Petros Cassadine (deceased)
(John Colicos, 1984–85)
Cousin of Mikkos, Anthony, and Victor of the Cassadine family. Looked identical to Mikkos.
Spencer Cassadine
(Nathan and Spencer Casamassima, 2006–07; Lance Doven, 2008; Rami Yousef, 2009; Davin Ransom, 2009–11)
Son of Nikolas Cassadine and Courtney Matthews, making him part of the Cassadine family and Corinthos family. Originally believed to be Jasper Jacks' son. Lives with his father in Europe.
Stavros Cassadine (deceased)
(John Martinuzzi, 1983; Robert Kelker-Kelly, 2001, 2002, 2003)
Son of Mikkos Cassadine and Helena Cassadine of the Cassadine family. Father of Nikolas Cassadine and grandfather of Spencer Cassadine. Killed by Luke Spencer in 1981, but brought back from the dead by his mother Helena, who had him cryogenically frozen until his injuries could be healed. Supposedly died a second time after falling into a bottomless pit while being chased by Luke Spencer.
Stefan Cassadine (deceased)
(Stephen Nichols, 1996–2002, 2003)
Son of Mikkos Cassadine and Helena Cassadine of the Cassadine family. Uncle of Nikolas Cassadine, and raised him like a son. Ex-husband of Bobbie Spencer. Ex-fiancé of Katherine Bell. Ex-lover of Laura Spencer. Fell to his death from a cliff after being stabbed by Luke Spencer.
Valentin Cassadine
(mentioned character)
Son of Mikkos Cassadine of the Cassadine family Biologically born a Cassadine as a baby but was later removed. Poisoned Helena Cassadine, and wanted to seek revenge on her, Luke Spencer, and the other Cassadines and Spencers.
Victor Cassadine (deceased)
(Thaao Penghlis, 1981)
Brother of Mikkos and Anthony of the Cassadine family. Sent to prison by Robert Scorpio and Luke Spencer. Presumed dead.
Gina Cates
(Nikki Cox, 1993–95; Gina Gallagher, 1996; Stephanie Dicker, 1996–97)
Sister of Jagger Cates and Stone Cates. AIDS activist and former student at Port Charles University. Adopted by the Williamses as a child.
John "Jagger" Cates
(Antonio Sabato, Jr., 1992–94, 1995; 2008 (General Hospital: Night Shift)
Brother of Stone Cates and Gina Cates. Ex-husband of Karen Wexler. Ex-lover of Brenda Barrett. Returned to Port Charles in July 2008 with his son Stone but left later that year to return to San Francisco.
Michael "Stone" Cates (deceased)
(Michael Sutton, 1993–95, 2010)
Died of AIDS complications in 1995. Love of his life was Robin Scorpio. Best friend was Sonny Corinthos. Sonny named his son Morgan Stone after Jason Morgan and Stone. Brother of Jagger Cates and Gina Cates. His nephew, Stone, is also named in honor of him. Appeared as a dream in 2010, when Robin was trapped in a well.
Carmine Cerullo
(John Capordice, 1994–96)
Father of Lois, Mark, Patrick, and Vincent Cerullo. Husband of Gloria Cerullo. Grandfather of Brook Lynn Ashton, and Angie Cerullo. Resides in Bensonhurst.
Gloria Cerullo
(Ellen Travolta, 1994–96)
Mother of Lois Cerullo. Wife of Carmine Cerullo. Grandmother of Brook Lynn Ashton. Lives in Bensonhurst.
Grandpa Cerullo
(Mike Robelo, 1995)
Father of Carmine Cerullo. Grandfather of Lois, Mark, Patrick and Vincent.
Lois Cerullo
(Rena Sofer, 1994–96, 1997; Lesli Kay, 2004–05)
Formerly married to Ned Ashton. Mother of Brook Lynn Ashton. Good friends with Brenda Barrett and Sonny Corinthos. Band manager and founder of L&B Records. Lives in Bensonhurst, New York.
Louie Cerullo
(Tony Mangano, 1994, 1995)
Cousin of Lois and her brothers.
Mark Cerullo
(Richard Tanner, 1994, 1995)
Son of Carmine and Gloria Cerullo. Brother of Lois, Patrick and Vincent Cerullo.
Noreen Cerullo
(Rae Dubow, 1994, 1995)
Cousin of Lois Cerullo and her brothers.
Patrick Cerullo
(Jason Himber, 1994)
Son of Carmine and Gloria Cerullo. Brother of Lois, Mark and Vincent Cerullo.
Vincent Cerullo
(Drew Himber, 1994)
Son of Carmine and Gloria Cerullo. Brother of Lois, Mark and Patrick Cerullo
Rico Chacone (deceased)
(John Vargas, 1990)
Brutally raped Carla Greco after she turned down his marriage proposal. Took several residents and the president of Santo Moro hostage in Port Charles. Tried to assassinate the president of Santo Moro. Killed in self-defense by Carla Greco.
Ryan Chamberlain (deceased)
(Jon Robert Lindstrom, 1992–95)
Pediatrician. Brother of Kevin. Son of Victor Collins and Melanie Chamberlain. Went insane and eventually died after he set himself up to die in a bombing.
Betsy Chilson
(Kristin Davis, 1991)
Nurse at General Hospital. Friends with Dawn Winthrop and Meg Lawson.
Yank Se Chung
(Patrick Bishop, 1985–87)
Doctor at General Hospital. Was the grandson of a very respected member of the Asian Quarter, the Ancient One. Yank's younger brother Tei was killed early on in the Asian Quarter mystery, spurring him to help Robert Scorpio and his pals break up Wu's gang. In the process, he fell in love with Wu's granddaughter, Jade.
Judy Clampett
(Robin Blake, 1964–74)
Former nurse at General Hospital.
Autumn Clayton
(Linda Sanders, 1987–88)
Assistant to Herbert Quatermaine. Inherited Hebert's money when he died. Moved to France.
Josh Clayton (deceased)
(James Vincent McNichol, 1984–85)
Musician. A close friend of Frisco Jones, Josh had a huge crush on Holly Scorpio. One of his songs was stolen by Blackie Parrish. During the Asian Quarter storyline, Josh was killed by mistake by Mr. Wu's men because Josh was wearing Frisco's jacket. When Frisco realized what had happened, he went undercover to get revenge, joining escapee Sean Donely in his quest to bring Wu down.
Brooke Bentley Clinton (deceased)
(Adrienne Hayes, 1965–68); Indus Arthur, 1970–73)
Step-daughter of Meg Bentley and half-sister of Scott Baldwin.
Father Coates
(Anthony Michael Jones, 2002–10, 2011)
Priest at St. Timothy's church. Father Coates is known best for his performing of weddings, christenings, and funerals.
Lucy Coe
(Lynn Herring, 1986–92, 1992–97, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2012-)
Ex-wife of Scott Baldwin, Tony Jones, and Alan Quartermaine. Wife of Kevin Collins. Surrogate and adoptive mother of Serena Baldwin and adoptive mother of Christina Baldwin. Former chair of the Nurses' Ball. Character moved to the General Hospital spin-off, Port Charles, in 1997. Lived in Paris with Kevin, Serena, and Christina. CEO of Coe Coe Cosmetics in New York City. Returned to Port Charles in 2012 to help plan the nurses ball.
Kevin Collins
(Jon Robert Lindstrom, 1994–97, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004)
Husband of Lucy Coe. Father of Livvie Locke. Currently living in Paris with Lucy, Serena, and Christina.
Mary Scanlon Collins
(Patricia Crowley, 1997–2003)
Owner of the Recovery Room. Widow of Francis Xavier Scanlon, Sr. Married to Victor Collins. Mother of Francis Xavier Scanlon, Jr. and Joseph Scanlon. Grandmother of Neil Kanelos and Christina Baldwin. Adoptive grandmother to Lark Madison.
Victor Collins
(Nicholas Pryor, 1997)
Father of Kevin Collins and his evil twin brother Ryan Chamberlain. Former spy/private investigator. Married to Mary Scanlon.
Vivian Collins
(Unknown actress)
Former doctor at General Hospital. Friend of Steve Hardy.
Ray Conway (deceased)
(Stephen Burleigh, 1993)
Abused Karen Wexler when she was younger. Dated and physically abused Rhonda Wexler. Accidentally killed by Dr. Alan Quartermaine.
(mentioned character)
Worked for the Quartermaines as their cook for many years. Hated when anyone else was in her kitchen, and thus people at the house were afraid of her. She quit a few times but always came back. Cook was the first fatality in September 2012 when Jerry Jacks released a deadly pathogen into the Port Charles water supply.
Greg Cooper
(David Holcomb, 1997-2000 Port Charles)
Medical intern at General Hospital. Son of Marsha Cooper. Assaulted Audrey March Hardy. Was later revealed that he was the General Homicide killer.
Marsha Cooper (deceased)
(Unknown actress)
Mother of Greg Cooper. Had an affair with Victor Collins. Killed by Ryan Chamberlain.
Mike Corbin (born Michael "Mike" Corinthos Sr.)
(Ron Hale, 1995–2010)
Deadbeat father of Sonny Corinthos and Courtney Matthews. Left Sonny's mother, Adela, when Sonny was little and chose not to be part of Courtney's life after losing her mother's money from poker causing them to near bankruptcy. Former manager at Kelly's Diner. Left Kelly's to seek treatment for a gambling addiction.
Adela Corinthos (deceased)
(Maria Rangel, 1995)
Mother of Sonny Corinthos and Ric Lansing, part of the Corinthos family. Ex-lover of Mike Corbin. Ex-fiancée of Trevor Lansing.
Lily Rivera Corinthos (deceased)
(Lilly Melgar, 1994–96, 2001)
First wife of Sonny Corinthos and was married to him at the time of her death. While pregnant with Sonny's child, she was killed by her mob boss father Hernando Rivera (deceased) in a car bombing meant for Sonny. Dated Miguel Morez and has a son with him (Juan Santiago). Hated Brenda Barrett. Informed Sonny that Brenda, working for the FBI, had been recording them together.
Michael "Sonny" Corinthos, Jr.
(Maurice Benard, 1993–97, 1998—)
Mob boss of Port Charles, New York, owner of clubs in the Caribbean, and legitimate coffee importer. The leader of the Corinthos-Morgan Mob Organization/Imports. Most notable member of the Corinthos family. Ex-husband of Carly Corinthos and Brenda Barrett; widower of Lily Rivera and Claudia Zacchara. Engaged to Kate Howard, though her split personality is already married. Father of five kids with four different women, with one of them being adoptive. Longtime friends with Jason Morgan, Luke Spencer, and Robin Scorpio until she later cut him out of her life after his bi-polar anger towards her and shooting her at her own house. Has yet to be found guilty for numerous of crimes he committed (due to high paid successful attorneys and allies clearing evidence).
Michael Corinthos III
(Dylan and Blake Hopkins, 1997–2001; Tiarnan Cunningham, 2001–02; Dylan Cash, 2002–08; Drew Garrett, 2009–10; Chad Duell, 2010—)
Biologically born a Quartermaine, but raised as a Corinthos. Son of Carly Jacks and {{nowrap|A. J. Quartermaine, adopted by Sonny Corinthos. Biological maternal half-brother of Morgan Corinthos and Josslyn Jacks; adoptive paternal half-brother of Kristina Davis, Dante Falconeri and Lila McCall. Fell into a coma in 2008 after suffering a gunshot wound to the head in a hit meant for Sonny. Dated Abby Haver until her death. Former manager in a legitimate coffee warehouse owned by his father and former employee at ELQ. Dating Starr Manning.
Morgan Corinthos
(Jake Simms, 2005; George Juarez, 2005–09; Aaron Refvem, 2009–10; Aaron Sanders, 2010–11)
Son of Sonny Corinthos and Carly Jacks, and part of the Corinthos family and Spencer family. Paternal half-brother of Dante Falconeri, Kristina Davis and Lila McCall. Maternal half-brother of Michael Corinthos III and Josslyn Jacks. Named after Stone Cates and Jason Morgan. Moved to military boarding school by force from Carly to keep him away from his biological father, Sonny.
Elena Cosgrove (deceased)
(Rebecca Holden, 1987–88)
Songwriter who co-wrote the song "40 Million Stars". Was thought of as a sister by Dusty Walker. Killed after being struck by a bus.
Blair Cramer
(Kassie DePaiva, 1993–2012 on One Life to Live; 2012 on General Hospital)
Ex-wife of Asa Buchanan, Todd Manning, Max Holden, Victor Lord Jr., John McBain, and Elijah Clarke. Mother of Starr Manning and Jack Manning with Todd Manning, Brendan Thornhart (stillborn) with Patrick Thornhart, and adoptive mother of Sam Manning with Victor Lord Jr. Grandmother of Hope Manning-Thornhart (deceased). Came to Port Charles in 2012 to comfort her daughter, Starr, as she grieves for loss of Cole and Hope. Returned to Llanview one week later. Comes back to Port Charles to watch Starr at the nightclub grand opening and to announce that she's marrying Tomas Delgado.
Jolene Crowell
(Amanda Baker 2007–08)
Student nurse at General Hospital. Sister of Nadine Crowell. Slept with Damian Spinelli. Niece of Raylene Crowell. Was shot and left in a coma.
Nadine Crowell
(Claire Coffee, 2007–09)
Former nurse at General Hospital. Dated Nikolas Cassadine. Sister of Jolene Crowell and niece of Raylene Crowell.

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