Cheryl Stansbury - B


Bobby Chandler Baldwin (deceased)
(Ted Eccles, 1975–76)
Son of Carolyn Chandler Baldwin; stepson of Lee Baldwin. Medical student in New York. Father to baby boy Chandler. Husband to Samantha Livingston. Was lost at sea.
Carolyn Chandler Baldwin (deceased)
(Augusta Dabney, 1975–76)
Adoption Agent. Mother of Bobby Chandler. Widow of Mr. Chandler. Married to Lee Baldwin until her death. Grandmother to baby boy Chandler. Was lost at sea.
Christina Baldwin
(Angela and Michelle Mora, 1999–2000; Kaitlyn Maggio, 2001–03 (Port Charles))
Biological child of Julie Devlin and Frank Scanlon. Adopted daughter of Lucy Coe and Scott Baldwin. Sister of Karen Wexler, Logan Hayes, and Serena Baldwin.
Dominique Stanton Baldwin (deceased)
(Tawny Fere Ellis, 1991; Shell Danielson, 1992–93)
Married to Scott Baldwin at the time of her death. Biological mother of Serena Baldwin. Died of a brain tumor before Serena's birth.
Gail Adamson Baldwin
(Susan Brown, 1977–85, 1992–2001, 2002, 2004)
Wife of Lee Baldwin, surrogate mother of Monica Quartermaine. Former psychiatrist at General Hospital.
Lee Baldwin
(Ross Elliott, 1963–65; Peter Hansen, 1963, 1965–86, 1992–2001, 2002, 2004)
Attorney. Adoptive father of Scott Baldwin, husband of Gail Adamson Baldwin.
Meg Bentley Baldwin (deceased)
(Patricia Breslin, 1966–69; Elizabeth MacRae; 1969–70, 1972–73)
Mother of Scott Baldwin. Wife of Lee Baldwin. Registered nurse at General Hospital.
Scott Baldwin
(Johnny Whitaker, 1965; Teddy Quinn, 1966; Tony Camp, 1969-72; Don Clarke, 1973-74; Johnny Jensen, 1974-75; Kin Shriner, 1977–80, 1981–83, 1987–93, 1998, 2000–04, 2007–08)
Son of David Bordisso and Meg Bentley, adopted by Lee Baldwin. Father of Karen Wexler, Logan Hayes, Serena Baldwin, and Christina Baldwin. Responsible for the Port Charles Hotel fire in 2004. Murdered Rick Webber and framed Laura Spencer.
Serena Baldwin
(Carly Schroeder, 1997–2003)
Daughter of Scott Baldwin and Dominique Stanton Baldwin. Lucy Coe was her surrogate and then adoptive mother. Sister of Karen Wexler, Logan Hayes and Christina Baldwin. Niece of Katherine Bell.
Thomas Baldwin Sr.
(Paul Savior, 1967–72; Don Chastain, 1977–82, 1984–87; David Walker, 1982–84)
Brother of Lee Baldwin. Ex-husband of Audrey March. Father of Thomas Steven Hardy, Sr. and grandfather of Thomas Hardy, Jr.
Alec Barrett
(Quinn Friedman, 2011)
Biological son of Brenda Corinthos and the late Aleksander Janacek. Legal son of Dante Falconeri. Named Aleksander Janacek Jr. Former step-son of Sonny Corinthos. Grandson of Harlan Barrett, Veronica Wilding, Theo Hoffman, and Suzanne Stanwyck. Nephew of Julia Barrett. Hidden away from Brenda, by his grandmother Suzanne Stanwyck. Formerly known by the alias Alec Scott.
Brenda Barrett
(Vanessa Marcil, 1992–98, 2002–03, 2010–11)
Daughter of Harlan Barrett and Veronica Wilding. Paternal half-sister of Julia Barrett. Ex-wife of Jason Morgan and Sonny Corinthos. Ex-fiancée of Jasper Jacks and Murphy Sinclair. Ex-lover of Miguel Morez, John "Jagger" Cates, Luis Alcazar and Aleksander Janacek. Mother of Alec Barrett with Aleksander Janacek. Believed to be dead for four years. Arrested for murder twice, though acquitted once and overturned on appeal on the second. Lives in Italy with her son.
Cooper Barrett (deceased)
(Jason Gerhardt, 2007–08)
Former soldier in Iraq. One of the seven assailants that take the Metro Court Hotel hostage. Bonded with Maxie Jones while trapped in the hotel vault. Maxie snuck Coop out of the hotel after it exploded and hid his part in the hostage crisis. Got a job working security at the same hotel, until Sonny Corinthos found out he was one of the hostage takers, and was now working for Sonny, by being a cop at the PCPD to feed Sonny and Jason information. Dated Maxie Jones. He was found dead in January 2008, murdered by Diego Alcazar.
Harlan Barrett (deceased)
(Michael Cole, 1991)
Father of Julia Barrett and Brenda Barrett. Founder of Barrett Industries, member of the Cartel, shot and killed by Bill Eckert, his heir. Grandfather of Alec Barrett.
Julia Barrett
(Crystal Carson, 1991–93, 1997, 1998)
Daughter of Harlan Barrett. Paternal half-sister of Brenda Barrett. Dated Jerry Jacks before Brenda met Jax. Aunt of Alec Barrett.
Lucian Barrett
(Elvis Martinez, 2011)
Fake son of Brenda Barrett and Aleksander Janacek. Used as a decoy by Suzanne Stanwyck to throw Brenda off the trail of her real son Alec Barrett.
Roger Barrett (deceased)
(Nat Christian, 1987)
DVX agent. Held the General Hospital café hostage, threatening to contaminate the whole room with a MOX 36 virus toxin if his demands were not met. Held Bobbie Spencer hostage while trying to make a run for it, later poisoning her with the toxin. Stabbed by Frisco Jones with his own toxin.
Alison Barrington (deceased)
(Erin Hershey Presley, 2000, 2013; 2000–03, 2013 (Port Charles))
Daughter of Elizabeth Barrington. Did not get along with Emily Quartermaine. Kissed Juan Santiago, which made Emily jealous. Returned to Port Charles with her son Rafe on January 30, 2013, so they can find Lucy Coe to help them. Stabbed in the chest by Caleb Morley.
Amanda Barrington
(Anne Jeffreys, 1984–87, 1998, 2004)
Wealthy socialite. Friend to Lila and Edward Quartermaine. Mother of Derek Barrington and grandmother of Alison Barrington. Passed away some time between 2004-2013.
Derek Barrington
(Mark Goddard, 1984–86)
Biological father of Mike Webber by Ginny Blake Webber. Son of Amanda Barrington. Married to Lorena Sharpe.
Elizabeth Barrington
(Unknown actress; Rebecca Staab, 2002–03 (Port Charles))
Wealthy socialite and fashion designer. Mother of Alison Barrington. Ex-wife of Malcolm Barrington.
Lorena Sharpe Barrington
(Shelley Taylor Morgan, 1984–86)
Possible cousin of Monica Quartermaine. Lover and housemate of Jimmy Lee and nemesis of Celia Quartermaine. Lorena moved to Port Charles to open Avalon Spa and was soon joined by her partner in crime, Leo Russell. Together they blackmailed wealthy matrons. Lorena's dubious achievement was causing Edward Quartermaine's heart attack. Prior to leaving Port Charles, she married Derek, the son of one of her blackmail subjects, and moved to Nebraska to decorate her new mansion.
Evelyn Bass (deceased)
(mentioned character)
Ex-wife of Cody McCall. Mother of Danny McCall. Adoptive mother of Sam McCall. Abandoned Sam and left her with Cody when Sam was very young. Was killed in a house fire set by her mentally handicapped son Danny McCall.
Kiefer Bauer (deceased)
(Christian Alexander, 2009–10)
Son of Warren and Melinda Bauer. Classmate and boyfriend of Kristina Davis. Believed to have been abused by his father. Clashed with Kristina's brother Michael Corinthos and her crush Ethan Lovett. Bullied her younger brother Morgan Corinthos. Was abusive towards Kristina, pressuring her into having sex with him and hospitalizing her twice in early spring 2010. Was the victim of a hit-and-run accident caused by Alexis Davis, dying from his internal injuries shortly after arriving to General Hospital.
Melinda Bauer
(Lisa Waltz, 2010)
Mother of Kiefer Bauer. Widow of Warren Bauer.
Warren Bauer (deceased)
(Bradley Cole, 2010)
Father of Kiefer Bauer. Believed to have abused Kiefer. Became obsessed with getting revenge on Alexis Davis and Kristina Davis after Kiefer's death. Shot Mac Scorpio and Ethan Lovett to avenge his son's demise. Shot by Mac just as he was about to shoot Michael Corinthos.
Jesse Beaudry (deceased)
(Matt Marraccini, 2005–06)
Undercover police officer, partner of Lucky Spencer. Dated Maxie Jones. Shot and killed in the line of duty. Had an older brother, Will, and an older sister.
Brian Beck
(Michael McLafferty, 2003–04)
Police officer, attempted to date Courtney Matthews; shot and killed by Andy Capelli.
Melissa Bedford
(Sharisse Baker-Bernard, 2001; Jensen Buchanan, 2001–02)
Lover of Roy DiLucca, killed terminally ill patients at General Hospital, and went to prison.
Katherine Bell (deceased)
(Mary Beth Evans, 1993–99)
Co-founder of the Nurses Ball. Half-sister of Dominique Stanton. Aunt of Serena Baldwin. Ex-fiancée of Stefan Cassadine and ex-lover of Damian Smith and Nikolas Cassadine. Protégé of Helena Cassadine. Helena used an experimental drug to bring her back to life after she fell to her death from a balcony, and she was produced as a witness at the trial of her own murder. She was later murdered in the same manner by Helena, who then framed Cesar Faison.
Clarice Bennett
(Unknown actress)
Assistant to Kate Howard; works at Crimson Magazine.
Kristin Bergman (deceased)
(Unknown actress)
Swedish opera singer who uses the stage name Kristin Nilsson. Ex-lover of Mikkos Cassadine. Mother of Alexis Davis and Kristina Cassadine. Throat slit by Helena Cassadine in a jealous rage over Kristin's long-term affair with Mikkos.
Jennifer Biles
(Jennifer Lyons, 2010)
Secretary for Bernie Abrahms. Very good with numbers. Went on a couple of dates with Ethan Lovett causing Kristina Davis to become jealous.
Connor Bishop (deceased)
(Tyler Christopher, 2004–05)
Nikolas Cassadine look-alike. Killed by Emily Quartermaine in self-defense.
Mary Bishop (deceased)
(Catherine Wadkins, 2004)
Widow of Connor Bishop. Brainwashed Nikolas Cassadine after a car accident. Killed Sage Alcazar and Trent Parker in the Quartermaine mansion. Killed by Lorenzo Alcazar after he allegedly switched her medication.
Virginia "Ginny" Blake
(Judith Chapman, 1984–86)
Biological mother of Mike Webber, who was adopted by Dr. Rick Webber. Was married to Rick Webber after his wife Lesley Webber was thought to have been killed. Mother of Rick Webber, Jr.
David Bordisso (deceased)
(Granville Van Dusen, 1999 Port Charles)
Father of Scott Baldwin. Underground fashion designer. Brother of Mark Bordisso. Dated Meg Bentley.
Paige Bowen (deceased)
(Riley Steiner, 1995)
Biological mother of Emily Quartermaine and Rebecca Shaw. Died from breast cancer.
Jessie Brewer (deceased)
(Emily McLaughlin, 1963–91)
Married to Dr. Phil Brewer and good friends with Dr. Steve Hardy.
Phil Brewer (deceased)
(Roy Thinnes, 1963–66; Robert Hogan, 1966; Rick Falk, 1966; Ron Hayes, 1967; Craig Huebring, 1967; Martin West, 1967–75)
Married to Jessie Brewer three times. Killed by Augusta McLeod.
Joey Brezetta (deceased)
(Unknown actor)
Worked for Anthony Zacchara. Was one of the thugs who drugged Lucky Spencer. Shot and killed by Johnny Zacchara.
D. L. Brock (deceased)
(David Groh, 1983–85)
Abusive husband of Bobbie Spencer and father of Terry Brock. Was killed in self-defense by Ginny Webber.
Terry Brock
(Robyn Bernard, 1984–90)
Daughter of D. L. Brock. Saw Kevin O'Connor strangle Earl Moody. Formerly married to Kevin O'Connor.
Marty Brown
(Andrew T. Lee, 2006–09)
Desk Clerk at the Metro Court Hotel.
Natalie Buchanan
(Melissa Archer, One Life to Live 2001–12; mentioned character on GH)
Forensic technician at Llanview Police Department. Serious live-in girlfriend of John McBain. Mother of Liam McBain. Separated from her boyfriend, John McBain, after she gets a letter and a photo from her uncle, Todd Manning, that shows John cheating on her with Sam Morgan and the fact that John has been neglecting both her and their son Liam while staying at Port Charles.
Dr. Ellen Burgess
(Debbi Morgan, 1997–98)
Daughter of Alice Morgan, sister of Winston Morgan and widow of Sam Burgess. Former doctor at General Hospital. Dated Matt Harmon and Sebastian Dupree.
Shawn Butler
(Sean Blakemore, 2011—)
Mysterious mercenary who arrived in Port Charles in early 2011. Worked for Theo Hoffman/The Balkan. Ex-Marine with post-traumatic stress disorder. Has two sisters, and his mother is deceased. Legal guardian of T.J. Ashford. Former bodyguard for Carly Corinthos and Josslyn Jacks. Newly employed by Sonny Corinthos.

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