Cheryl Stansbury - A


(Ivy Bethune, 1987)
Sarah Abbott
(Eileen Dietz, 1981–83)
Roommate to Heather Webber in the Forest Hill Sanitarium. Keeps all of Heather's secrets when Heather is escaping the sanitarium to kill Diana Taylor. Heather's gun is secretly hidden in a doll, kept closely in Sarah's hands. Sarah is convinced that she drowned her sister, a fact found to not be true. She falls in love with Joe Kelly who was investigating the murder.
Benny Abrahms (deceased)
(Richard Fancy, 1997–2003)
Corinthos and Morgan's original financier, identical twin brother of Bernie. Dies after suffering a heart attack.
Bernie Abrahms (deceased)
(Richard Fancy, 2006–12)
The Jewish financier for Corinthos and Morgan and Benny's identical twin brother. Born Bernard K. Abrahms in 1943, a widower and uncle of Conan. He funds Sam McCall and Damian Spinelli's private eye agency. Shot in 2011, and blackmailed by Cesar Faison, posing as Duke Lavery. Dies during a shootout, after being shot by Joe Scully, Jr. and Faison.
Rachel Adair (deceased)
(Amy Grabow, 2005)
Works with lover A. J. Quartermaine to frame Courtney Matthews for his supposed murder. Dates Steven Lars Webber. Killed by Dr. Asher Thomas after being injected with digitalis.
Dr. Tracy Adams
(Kimberly Hamilton, 1968–69)
An African American kidney specialist, advocated for by Dr. Steve Hardy.
Dr. Addison
(Richard Guthrie, 1989)
A doctor who competes for the Assistant Chief of Staff position, which at the time was previously held by Dr. Monica Quartermaine.
Louise Addison
(Cara Pifko, 2009)
Assistant District Attorney appointed to office in 2009. Best friends with Lisa Niles.
Sister Agatha
(Fran Ryan, 1989)
(Angus Duncan, 1987)
(William Beckley, 1981)
Diego Alcazar (deceased)
(Ignacio Serricchio, 2004–06, 2008)
Son of Maria Sanchez and Lorenzo Alcazar, raised thinking Maria is his sister to hide him from his father. Becomes obsessed with stalking the girls involved with his cousin Sage Alcazar's death. Schemes with Lulu Spencer to break up Dillon Quartermaine and Georgie Jones. Thought to have been shot to death by Sam McCall in self defense, but resurfaces in February 2008 as the Text Message Killer. Killed in March 2008 after an accidental hanging.
Lila Rae Alcazar
(Gianna Maria Crane, 2006–07, 2008; Kayla Madison, 2012)
Daughter of Lorenzo Alcazar and Skye Chandler Quartermaine. Adoptive member of the Quartermaine family, named after her adoptive great-grandmother Lila Quartermaine, and her grandmother Rae Cummings. Lives in London, England with Skye and Rae.
Lorenzo Alcazar (deceased)
(Ted King, 2003–07)
Brother of Luis Alcazar and father of Diego Alcazar and Lila Rae Alcazar. Comes to Port Charles to seek revenge for his brother's death, and remains always at war with Sonny Corinthos. Briefly marries Carly Corinthos and has an affair with Skye Quartermaine that produces Lila Rae. Presumably killed by Jason Morgan.
Luis Alcazar (deceased)
(Ted King, 2002)
Brother of Lorenzo Alcazar and father of Sage Alcazar. Holds Brenda Barrett captive for four years, leading everyone to believe she is dead. Killed in self-defense by Alexis Davis after being pushed off his balcony in 2002.
Sage Alcazar (deceased)
(Eileen Boylan, 2003; Katie Stuart, 2003–04)
Daughter of Luis Alcazar, niece of Lorenzo Alcazar. Killed by Mary Bishop at the Quartermaine mansion.
(Jack Donner, 2006–10)
Butler of Prince Nikolas Cassadine. Poisoned and almost killed by Colleen McHenry. A kind and quiet man.
Ali (deceased)
(Maitland McConnell, 2010–11)
Friend of Kristina Davis and has a crush on Michael Corinthos III. Dies from injuries after a bus accident.
Cynthia Allison
(Carolyn Craig, 1963)
Engaged to Dr. Kevin Martin, but has an affair with Dr. Phil Brewer, causing marital problems between him and his wife Jessie Brewer.
Karen Anderson
(Betsy Franco, 2010)
Adoptive mother of Robert "Franco" Frank. Leaves Port Charles and moves to Oregon.
Ruby Anderson (deceased)
(Norma Connolly, 1979–98)
Aunt to Luke Spencer and Bobbie Spencer. Former madam; longtime manager of Kelly's Diner. Dies in her sleep in 1999, leaving Kelly's to Bobbie and Luke.
Grant Andrews
(Brian Patrick Clarke, 1983–85)
Former Russian spy named Andre Chermin; assumes the alias Grant Putnam. Briefly marries Celia Quartermaine.
Andy Archer (deceased)
(Ron Melendez, 2007–09)
Anesthesiologist at General Hospital, addicted to sleeping gas. Briefly gets involved with Kelly Lee. The first victim of a biotoxin accidentally released in the hospital.
Venus "V" Ardanowski
(Lisa Cerasoli, 1997–99)
Former police officer, secretary to Jasper Jacks, and music executive at L&B Records. leaves Port Charles with Simon Prentiss, a gambler she meets in Monte Carlo.
David Arnett (deceased)
(Mentioned character, 1976)
Psychiatrist at General Hospital, married to Terri Webber. Dies in the Vietnam War.
Terri Webber Arnett
(Bobbi Jordan, 1976–77)
Sister to Jeff Webber and Rick Webber. Becomes a widower when David Arnett dies. Has a brief fling with Dr. Mark Dante.
Thomas "TJ" Ashford Jr.
(Krys Meyer, 2012; Tequan Richmond, 2012—)
Son of the late Thomas "Tommy" Ashford Sr. who was accidentally killed in battle by fellow Marine, Shawn Butler. Lives in Port Charles with Shawn as his legal guardian. Dating Molly Lansing.
(Salina Marie Carter, 2010)
Friend of Kiefer Bauer and Willow, rude to Kristina Davis because of her family.
Arielle Gastineau Ashton
(Jane Higginson, 1988–89)
Niece of Nicholas Van Buren. Marries to Larry Ashton, previously married to Colton Shore. Comes to Port Charles during the Dragon Bone quest.
Brook Lynn Ashton
(Brooke Radding, 1999–2001; Adrianne Leon, 2004–06, 2010–11)
Singer and daughter of Ned Ashton and Lois Cerullo, named after Brooklyn, New York, her mother's home town. Stalked by Diego Alcazar as punishment for the role she plays in Sage Alcazar's death. Moves home to Bensonhurst in 2006, but returns to Port Charles in 2010 in a plot staged by Carly Jacks to break up Lulu Spencer and Dante Falconeri. Works as Nikolas Cassadine's private escort until 2011, when she again leaves town to pursue a singing career.
Edward "Ned" Ashton
(Kurt McKinney, 1988–91; Wally Kurth, 1991–2005, 2006, 2007, 2012, 2013—)
Son of Larry Ashton and Tracy Quartermaine, part of the Quartermaine family. Father of Brook Lynn Ashton. Once leads a double life – corporate CEO Ned Ashton by day, rock star Eddie Maine by night. Once has an affair with Monica Quartermaine, who at the time does not know he is Tracy's son.
Lord Lawrence "Larry" Ashton
(Hugo Napier, 1988–89, 1991–92)
Ex-husband of Tracy Quartermaine, father of Ned Ashton. Marries Arielle Gastineau and lives in England.
Cal Atkins (deceased)
(Leif Riddell, 1992)
Brother of Joe Atkins. Robs Kelly's Diner and shoots Jagger Cates when Jagger protects Ruby Anderson. Assaults Karen Wexler. Supposedly falls to his death after fighting with Jason Quartermaine and Jagger Cates, but resurfaces and is sent to prison.
Joseph 'Joe' Atkins
(Scott Lincoln, 1992)
Brother of Cal Atkins. Murders a police officer and escapes from jail. Penpal of Bobbie Spencer. breaks out of prison and holds her and Tony Jones hostage before being sent back to prison.

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