Charles Winters - Pardon


Winters' son James, along with his close childhood friend Frank Jimenez, began campaigning for his father's pardon after his death, receiving the support of, among others, 21 Congressmen, the American Jewish Committee, and Steven Spielberg. President Bush officially pardoned Winters on December 23, 2008. Democratic Representative Ron Klein, who led the congressional group, commented that "President Bush made the right decision today to issue a posthumous pardon to Charles Winters, a Florida resident who played an essential role in the creation of the state of Israel."

Winter's lawyer, Wilmer Hale partner Reginald Brown, stated, "He did a heroic thing and, at the time, the law didn’t reflect our values. The pardon is a way of the law catching up with the history." His son James responded to the pardon, saying, "This is a present for my father...It was a monumental challenge, but my dad used to always say ‘Keep the faith,’ and we did". Winters' pardon constituted the first posthumous pardon since Henry Ossian Flipper in 1999.

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