Charles Stuart Calverley

Charles Stuart Calverley ( /ˈkɑːvərlɪ/; December 22, 1831 – February 17, 1884) was an English poet and wit. He was the literary father of what has been called "the university school of humour".

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    Tell me, Grinder, if thou grindest
    Always, always out of tune.
    —Charles Stuart Calverley (1831–1884)

    Sometimes nothing can be a real cool hand.
    Donn Pierce, U.S. screenwriter, Frank R. Pierson, and Stuart Rosenberg. Luke Jackson (Paul Newman)

    But I’ve heard mankind abuse thee;
    And perhaps it’s rather strange,
    But I thought that I would choose thee
    For encomium, as a change.
    —Charles Stuart Calverley (1831–1884)