Chapman (surname) - R


  • Ray Chapman (1891–1920), American shortstop for the Cleveland baseball team
  • Reuben Chapman (1799–1882), American lawyer and politician
  • Rex Chapman (born 1967), American retired professional basketball player
  • Richard Chapman (born 1620), English, the "Queen's Master Shipwright"
  • Robert Chapman
    • Robert Chapman (cricketer) (born 1972), English first-class cricketer in the 1990s
    • Robert Chapman (Plymouth Brethren) (1803–1902), Danish pastor, teacher and evangelist
    • Sir Robert Chapman, 1st Baronet (1880–1963), British soldier and Conservative Member of Parliament 1931–1935
    • Robert Foster Chapman (born 1926), American U.S. court of appeals judge
    • Robert Hett Chapman (1771–1833), American, president of the University of North Carolina
    • Robert L. Chapman (1920–2002), American lexicographer
    • Robert William Chapman (scholar)
  • Robin Chapman, British actor and writer
  • Roger Chapman
    • Roger Chapman (born 1942), British rock singer
    • Roger Chapman (golfer) (born 1959), English golfer
  • Ronald Ivelaw-Chapman (1899–1978), British senior commander in the Royal Air Force, and Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Indian Air Force
  • Roosevelt Chapman, American college basketball player and University of Dayton Hall of Famer
  • Roy Chapman
    • Roy Chapman (football manager) (1934–1983), English football player and manager
    • Roy Chapman Andrews (1864–1960), American explorer, adventurer, naturalist and director of the American Museum of Natural History
  • Ryan Chapman (born 1987), South African soccer player

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