Chapman (surname) - H


  • Hank Chapman, American golden age comic book writer
  • Harold Chapman
    • Harold Chapman (born 1927), English photographer, especially noted for pictures taken at the Beat Hotel
    • Harold Chapman (footballer), New Zealand International footballer
  • Harry Chapman
    • Harry Chapman (footballer) (1879–1916), English footballer
    • Harry Chapman (news anchor), American television news anchor
    • Harry Ernest Chapman (1871–1944), British soldier and police officer
    • Harry Chapman Pincher (born 1914), Indian born British journalist and novelist
  • Hayley Chapman, Australian television presenter and producer
  • Henry Chapman
    • Henry Chapman (American politician) (1804–1891, American Democratic Party politician
    • Henry Samuel Chapman (1803–1881), British born Australian and New Zealand judge
    • Henry Chapman Mercer (1856–1930), American archeologist, artifact collector, tile maker and designer
  • Herbert Chapman (1878–1934), English football player and manager, notably of Huddersfield Town and Arsenal
  • Hope Chapman (born 1990), American anime critic, best known for work with That Guy with the Glasses and Anime News Network
  • Horace Chapman (1890–1941), South African cricketer

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