Chapman (surname) - G


  • Gareth Chapman (born 1981), Welsh rugby union player
  • Gary Chapman
    • Gary Chapman (author), American relationship counselor and author of the The Five Love Languages series
    • Gary Chapman (swimmer) (1937–1978), Australian swimmer and Olympic bronze medalist
    • Gary Chapman (musician) (born 1957), American singer/songwriter and former television talk show host
  • George Chapman
    • George Chapman (1559–1634), English dramatist, translator, and poet
    • George Chapman (murderer) (1865–1903), Polish serial killer, suspected by some as being Jack the Ripper. Born Seweryn Antonowicz Kłosowski
    • George Chapman (healer) (1921–2006), British trance healer and medium
    • George Henry Chapman (1832–1882), American Civil War General in the Union Army
    • George W. Chapman, American lawyer and Democratic Party politician
  • Georgina Chapman (born 1976), British fashion designer and actress
  • Gerald Chapman
    • Gerald Chapman (1891–1926), American criminal and gang leader of the Prohibition-era
    • Gerald Chapman (director) (1949–1987), British theatre director
  • Glenn Chapman (1906–1988), American baseball player
  • Graham Chapman (1941–1989), British comedian and writer, member of Monty Python
  • Grant Chapman (born 1949), Australian Liberal Party politician
  • Grizz Chapman, American television actor, notable appearances in 30 Rock
  • Guy Chapman (1889–1972), British author, historian and distinguished World War II soldier

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