Chapman (surname) - F


  • Fern Schumer Chapman, American author
  • Frank Chapman
    • Frank Chapman (ornithologist) (1864–1945), American ornithologist
    • Frank Chapman (baseball) (1861–1937), American baseball player who made his only major-league appearance on July 22, 1887, for the Philadelphia Athletics. For more than a century, he was misidentified as "Fred Chapman" (1872–1957) and thought to be the youngest player in American professional baseball history.
    • Frank Chapman (businessman), Chief Executive of BG Group
  • Fred Chapman
    • Fred Chapman (baseball) (1916–1997), American baseball player
  • Freddie Spencer Chapman (1907–1971), British Army officer and World War II veteran
  • Frederick Lamont Chapman(Pastor of the Foundation of Faith Church)Non-denominational minister born in 1975 in Detroit, MI
  • Frederick Chapman
    • Frederick Chapman (1864–1943), Australia Commonwealth Palaeontologist
    • Frederick Chapman (footballer) (1883–1951), English footballer and Olympic Gold medalist
    • Frederick Chapman (sportsman) (1901–1964), Australian cricketer and Australian Rules footballer
    • Frederick Revans Chapman (1849–1936), New Zealand Supreme Court Judge
    • Frederick Chapman Robbins (1916–2003), American pediatrician and virologist
  • Fredrik Henrik af Chapman (1721–1808), Swedish naval ship architect

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