Chapman (surname) - E


  • Ed Chapman (artist), British artist
  • Eddie Chapman
    • Eddie Chapman (1914–1997), British spy and double agent, aka Agent Zigzag
    • Eddie Chapman (footballer) (1923–2002), English footballer and chairman
  • Edmund Chapman (1695–1763), English cricketer
  • Edward Chapman
    • Edward Chapman (actor) (1901–1977), British comic actor
    • Edward Chapman (politician) (1839–1906), British Conservative Party politician
    • Ernest William Chapman (1894–1947), US-American mineralogist
    • Edward John Chapman (1821–1904), English-Canadian mineralogist
    • Edward Thomas Chapman (1920–2002), Welsh corporal and recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • Edythe Chapman (1863–1948), American stage and silent film actress
  • Ellen Chapman, American beauty queen
  • Elizabeth Chapman, Children's author
  • Emmett Chapman, British jazz musician best known as the inventor of the musical instrument Chapman Stick

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