Chapman (surname) - D


  • Damien Chapman, British rugby league player
  • Dave Chapman (born 1973), British actor, television presenter, puppeteer and voice artist
  • David Chapman
    • David Chapman (journalist) (born 1976), American journalist
    • David Chapman (scientist) (1869–1958), English physical chemist
    • David Chapman (cricketer) (1855–1934), English cricketer
    • David Chapman (handballer), American handballer
  • Dean Roden Chapman (1922–1995), American mechanical engineer at NASA and Stanford University
  • Dick Chapman (1911–1978), American amateur golfer
  • Dinos Chapman, (born 1962), English conceptual artist
  • Donald Chapman, Baron Northfield (born 1923), British Labour Party politician and life peer
  • Donovan Chapman, American country music artist
  • Doug Chapman
    • Doug Chapman (stuntman), American stunt performer, actor and stunt coordinator
    • Doug Chapman (American football) (born 1977), American football player
  • Duane Chapman
    • Duane "The Dog" Chapman (born 1953), American Hawaii-based bail bondsman and bounty hunter

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