Chapman (surname) - C


  • Candace Chapman (born 1983), Canadian soccer player
  • Carrie Chapman Catt (1859–1947), American woman's suffrage leader
  • C.C. Chapman, American prominent figure in the community of podcasting, podsafe music, and new media
  • C.H. Chapman (1879–1972), British illustrator and cartoonist, notable for his work on Billy Bunter cartoon strips
  • Charles Chapman
    • Charles Chapman (mayor) (1853–1943), American mayor of Fullerton, California
    • Charles Chapman (Connecticut) (1799–1869), American Whig and Democrat Party politician
    • Charles Chapman (cricketer) (1806–1892), English cricketer
    • Charles Frederic Chapman (1881–1976), maritime author
    • Charles H. Chapman (died 1934), American founder of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity at Cornell University
    • Charles Henry Chapman (1876–1957), New Zealand Labour Party politician
    • Charles Meredith Bouverie Chapman (1887–1917), British World War I flying ace
    • Charles Chapman Grafton (1830–1912), American Bishop of the Diocese of Fond du Lac in The Episcopal Church
  • Chris Chapman (disambiguation), English rugby league player
  • Christine Chapman (born 1956), Welsh Labour Party politician
  • Chuck Chapman (1911–2002), Canadian basketball player and olympian
  • Clarence Chapman (born 1953), American football player
  • Colin Chapman (1928–1982), British automotive engineer, designer, and racing director
  • Cornelius Chapman, British poet, songwriter, author, and performer

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