Chapman (surname) - B


  • Ben Chapman
    • Ben Chapman (politician) (born 1940), British Labour Party politician and former civil servant
    • Ben Chapman (actor) (1928–2008), American actor, best known for playing the Gill-man in the 1954 movie Creature from the Black Lagoon
    • Ben Chapman (baseball) (1908–1993), American baseball player
    • Ben Chapman (footballer) (born 1979), English football player
  • Benjamin Chapman (1621–unknown), English soldier
  • Bert Chapman (born 1942), Australian footballer
  • Beth Chapman
    • Beth Chapman (politician) (born 1962), American Republican Party politician
    • Beth Nielsen Chapman (born 1958), American singer and songwriter
  • Billy Chapman (1902–1967), English footballer
  • Bird Beers Chapman (1821–1871), American editor and Democratic Party politician
  • Bob Chapman (born 1946), English footballer, often known as 'Sammy'
  • Brenda Chapman, American animator and film director
  • Brian Chapman (born 1968), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Bruce Chapman (born 1934), American director and founder of the Discovery Institute, and Republican Party politician
  • Bryn Chapman, American beauty queen, and operatic soprano

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