Chacao Channel

The Chacao Channel (Spanish: "Canal de Chacao") is located in Los Lagos Region, Chile and separates Chiloé Island from mainland Chile. The channel was created during the Quaternary glaciations by successive glaciers that flowed down from the Andes to the coast. The construction of a bridge connecting the island with the continent has been discussed at government level but it was during the government of Michelle Bachelet (2006–2010) turned down due to its high cost in comparison with other proposals that could be done to benefit islanders.

Coordinates: 41°49′30″S 73°29′30″W / 41.825°S 73.49167°W / -41.825; -73.49167

Chiloé Archipelago
Main islands
  • Butachauques
  • Chiloé
  • Desertores1
  • Guafo
  • Lemuy
  • Quinchao
  • San Pedro
  • Tranqui
Water bodies
  • Gulf of Ancud
  • Estero de Castro
  • Caulín Bay
  • Chacao Channel
  • Sea of Chiloé
  • Gulf of Corcovado
  • Dalcahue Channel
Cities and towns
  • Ancud
  • Castro
  • Chonchi
  • Curaco de Vélez
  • Dalcahue
  • Puqueldón
  • Queilén
  • Quellón
  • Quemchi
  • Quinchao
  • Colonial alerce logging and trade
  • 1712 Huilliche rebellion
  • Battle of Agüi
  • Battle of Mocopulli
  • Chilote cap
  • Chilote poncho
  • Churches of Chiloé
  • Palafito
  • Chapalele
  • Chicha de manzana
  • Curanto
  • Licor de oro
  • Lloco
  • Murtado
  • Mate
  • Milcao
  • Potatoes of Chiloé
  • Basilisco Chilote
  • Caleuche
  • Pincoya
  • Sirena chilota
  • Trauco
  • Trentren Vilu and Caicai Vilu

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