Central - Directions and Generalised Locations

Directions and Generalised Locations

  • Central Africa, a region in the centre of Africa continent, also known as Middle Africa
  • Central America, a region in the centre of America continent
  • Central Asia, a region in the centre of Eurasian continent
  • Central Australia, a region of the Australian continent
  • Central Europe, a region of the European continent
  • Central United States, a region of the United States of America
  • Central Belt, an area in the centre of Scotland
  • Central Region (disambiguation)
  • Central London, the centre of London

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Famous quotes containing the words directions and and/or directions:

    I do not like football, which I think of as a game in which two tractors approach each other from opposite directions and collide. Besides, I have contempt for a game in which players have to wear so much equipment. Men play basketball in their underwear, which seems just right to me.
    Anna Quindlen (b. 1952)

    The traditional husband/father has always made choices concerning career, life-styles, values, and directions for the whole family, but he generally had another person on the team—called a wife. And his duties were always clear: Bring home the bacon and take out the garbage.
    Donna N. Douglass (20th century)