Cedars may refer to:

  • Cedar, several types of tree
  • Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
  • The Cedars, Dallas, Texas, a neighborhood near downtown Dallas, Texas, USA
  • The name of a Virginia mansion, headquarters of The Fellowship Foundation.
  • the Battle of The Cedars, an American Revolutionary War skirmish near Montreal, Canada in 1776
  • Les Cèdres, Quebec, the location of the above skirmish
  • Cedars (album), an album released in 2003 by Brighton, UK band Clearlake
  • Cedars Hospital, a fictitious hospital where much of the action takes place on the CBS soap The Guiding Light

Famous quotes containing the word cedars:

    With the holders holding my hand nearing the call of the bird,
    Comrades mine and I in the midst, and their memory ever to keep, for the dead I loved so well,
    For the sweetest, wisest soul of all my days and
    lands—and this for his dear sake,
    Lilac and star and bird twined with the chant of my soul,
    There in the fragrant pines and the cedars dusk and dim.
    Walt Whitman (1819–1892)