CCB may refer to:

In Asian economics:

  • China Construction Bank, one of the 'big four' banks in the People's Republic of China
  • China Construction Bank (Asia), a licensed bank incorporated in Hong Kong

In Australian schools:

  • Catholic College Bendigo, a year 7-12 school in Victoria, Australia

In European culture:

  • Centro Cultural de Belém, the largest building with cultural facilities in Portugal
  • Christian Council of Britain, a small organisation which campaigns against the perceived threat of Islam to British 'Christian Values'.
  • Communität Christusbruderschaft Selbitz, a German Lutheran Religious Order

In medicine:

  • Calcium channel blocker, a class of drugs with effects on many excitable cells of the body
  • Center for Computational Biology, an NIH-funded center
  • Child Care Bureau, a major program within the ACF division of the United States Department of Health and Human Services
  • Critical Care Bypass, Ontario hospital specification indicating that it is closed to all ambulance traffic

In other fields:

  • Change control board (or Configuration Control Board), a committee that makes decisions regarding whether or not proposed changes to a software project should be implemented
  • Chinese Contemporary Bible, see Bible translations into Chinese
  • Coal combustion byproducts, hazardous waste byproducts such as fly ash that are produced by coal-fired power plants
  • Close Combat Badge, an approved badge that was never issued
  • Clarens–Chailly–Blonay Railway, a former railway companie in Switzerland
  • Combat Command B, a combined-arms military organization of comparable size to a brigade or regiment employed by armored forces of the U.S. Army from 1942-63
  • Common Core Booster, the modular liquid fuelled first stage of the Atlas V expendable launch system
  • The IATA airport code for Cable Airport, an airport in Upland, California, USA
  • Car Club do Brasil, a member of the FIA
  • The Christian Community Bible, a family of translations of the Christian Bible intended to be more accessible to ordinary readers, particularly those in Third World countries
  • Central Carolina Bank and Trust, a bank formerly headquartered in Durham, North Carolina and taken over by SunTrust Banks in 2004
  • Centro Cultural Brasileiro
  • Camp Carolina Backcountry, A Camp in North Carolina
  • Crowd control barrier, A device commonly used at public events to control the movement of persons.

In Slang:

  • Cookie Cutter Blonde perceived standardized features of beauty, hence, not out of the ordinary.

In South Africa:

  • Civil Cooperation Bureau, an apartheid-era covert hit squad

In the Boy Scouts of America:

  • Cole Canoe Base - a summer camp in mid-northern Michigan that is one of two major camps in the Detroit Area Council.

In Environmental Certification:

  • Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance, an initiative to promote the development of land management activities that simultaneously deliver significant benefits for climate, local communities, and biodiversity