Catharine MacKinnon - Books


  • Sexual Harassment of Working Women: A Case of Sex Discrimination (1979) ISBN 0-300-02299-9 . OCLC 3912752.
  • Feminism Unmodified: Discourses on Life and Law (1987) ISBN 0-674-29874-8 . OCLC 157005506.
  • Pornography and Civil Rights: A New Day for Women's Equality (1988) ISBN 0-9621849-0-X . OCLC 233530845.
  • Toward a Feminist Theory of the State (1989) ISBN 0-674-89646-7 . OCLC 26545325.
  • Only Words (1993) ISBN 0-674-63933-2 . OCLC 28067216.
  • (co-editor) In Harm's Way: The Pornography Civil Rights Hearings, edited by C. A. MacKinnon and A. Dworkin (1997) ISBN 0-674-44579-1 . OCLC 37418262.
  • Women's Lives, Men's Laws (2005) ISBN 0-674-01540-1 . OCLC 55494875.
  • Are Women Human?: And Other International Dialogues. Cambridge: Harvard Univ. Press, 2006 . ISBN 0-674-02187-8. OCLC 62085505. (currently a nominee for the Bookseller/Diagram Prize for Oddest Title of the Year.)

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