Casualty@Holby City

Casualty@Holby City is the name given to special crossover episodes of BBC medical dramas Casualty and Holby City. While Casualty was launched on 6 September 1986, and its spin-off Holby City was first aired on 12 January 1999, the first full crossover episode between the two programmes was not broadcast until 24 December 2004. As of 27 December 2005, four crossover specials have been aired, comprising nine episodes total. Although further crossovers of storylines and characters have since occurred, they have not been broadcast under the Casualty@Holby City title.

In July 2012 Nikki Wilson Casualty's producer in an interview with Digital spy Wilson, announced that there are several crossovers planned for the upcoming series of Casualty which includes Mackenzie "Big Mac" Chalker played by Charles Dale meeting Elliot Hope in Holby City.

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