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Allcaps - Usage - Print Media
... Before the development of lower-case letters in the 8th century, texts in the Latin alphabet were written in a single case, which is now considered to be capital letters ... However, the shapes of words set in lower case provide a valuable cue to readers that helps speed the process of reading type in all caps forms a rectangular shape for every ... Capital letters have been widely used in printed headlines from the early days of newspapers until the 1950s ...
Matrix (mathematics) - Notation
... Matrices are usually symbolized using upper-case letters (such as A in the examples above), while the corresponding lower-case letters, with two subscript indices (e.g ... In addition to using upper-case letters to symbolize matrices, many authors use a special typographical style, commonly boldface upright (non-italic), to further distinguish ... following matrix A is determined by aij = i − j In this case, the matrix itself is sometimes defined by that formula, within square brackets or double parenthesis ...
Faux Cyrillic
... pseudo-Russian or faux Russian typography is the use of Cyrillic letters in Latin text to evoke the Soviet Union or Russia, regardless of whether the ... restricted to text set in all caps, because Cyrillic letter-forms do not match well with lower case Latin letters ... In Cyrillic typography, most upright lower case letters resemble smaller upper case letters, unlike the more distinctive forms of Latin-alphabet type ...
False Document - In Fiction
... Frankenstein draws heavily on a forged document feel, as do Dracula, The Strange Case of Dr ... Joanot Martorell in the introductory letter to Tirant lo Blanc claims to be not the creator of a fiction, but the translator of an English historical manuscript ... purports to be a book by the main character, and further contains a number of other letters, books, and maps relating to Dracula and the main character's friends and ...
Lowercased - History
... were written entirely in capital letters, spaced between well-defined upper and lower bounds ... Ancient Greek and Latin, did not make the case distinction before about 1300 ... dating before 79 have been found which include lower-case letters a, b, d, h, p, and r ...

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    Do not write me studied letters but ramble as you please.
    Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826)

    The definition of good prose is proper words in their proper places; of good verse, the most proper words in their proper places. The propriety is in either case relative. The words in prose ought to express the intended meaning, and no more; if they attract attention to themselves, it is, in general, a fault.
    Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772–1834)