Carter County

Carter County is the name of five counties in the United States:

  • Carter County, Kentucky
  • Carter County, Missouri
  • Carter County, Montana
  • Carter County, Oklahoma
  • Carter County, Tennessee

Famous quotes containing the words carter and/or county:

    I don’t like to be idle; in fact, I often feel somewhat guilty unless there is some purpose to what I am doing. But spending a few hours—or a few days—in the woods, swamps or alongside a stream has never seemed to me a waste of time.... I derive special benefit from a period of solitude.
    —Jimmy Carter (James Earl Carter, Jr.)

    Jack: A politician, huh?
    Editor: Oh, county treasurer or something like that.
    Jack: What’s so special about him?
    Editor: They say he’s an honest man.
    Robert Rossen (1908–1966)