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Carter of Castle Martin

This family: Boyle Carter and Shaen Carter are descended from Carter of Shaen Manor, County Mayo and the Carters of Robertstown, County Meath (see Burke's Irish Landed Gentry).

Extract of Matriculation

The arms of Thomas Tupper Carter-Campbell of Possil in the County of Lanark Esquire.

Thomas Tupper Carter-Campbell, formerly Thomas Tupper Carter in the county of Lanark Esquire.

Colonel retired of the Royal Engineers having by petition to the Lyon King of Arms dated the fifteenth day of January current, represented that he is the son of John Carter Esquire, Admiral in the Royal Navy and Julia his wife, daughter of William Payne Georges Esquire.

That the said Admiral John Carter was the son of Thomas Carter of Castle Martin (Castlemartin House and Estate) in the County of Kildare and Catherine his wife, daughter of the Honourable John Butler brother of Humphrey first Earl of Lanesborough.

That the Arms of the said Petitioner are recorded in the Herald’s office in Ireland as appears by a certificate issued by Ulster King of Arms of date 23rd day of December ultimo (1893).

That the Petitioner married on the 15th day of September 1864 Emily Georgina second daughter of George Campbell of Inverneill, Esquire, sometime a Major General in the Honourable East India Company’s service and Susan Harriet Campbell his wife elder sister of the aftermentioned John Campbell of Possil in the County of Lanark Esquire, and which Emily Georgina Campbell is now heiress of entail and in possession of the lands of Possil and others under the Deed of Entail granted by the Trustees of the deceased John Campbell of Possil dated 7th and 13th days of August in 1891 and recorded in the Register of Entails the Seventh day of September and in the Register of Sasaines etc. kept for the Borough of Glasgow the fourteenth day of October and also in the division of the General Register of Sasaines applicable to the County of the Barony and Regality of Glasgow for preservation as well as for publication the eighteenth day of December all in the year 1891.

Which Deed was executed in terms of the directions contained in the Trust Disposition and Settlement of the said John Campbell dated the 29th day of December, in the year 1880 and in the Codicils there dated the twenty ninth day of December in the year 1883 and the seventh day of May and twenty fourth day of July in the year 1884 and all recorded in the Books of Council and Session the eighteenth day of September in the year 1885.

That the said John Campbell was the oldest son of Colonel Alexander Campbell of Possil as is shown by a special service in his favour recorded in Chancery the twenty fifth day of July in the year 1848.

That the Arms of the said Colonel Alexander Campbell of Possil are recorded in the Public Register of MC. Arms and Bearings in Scotland on the thirtieth day of September in the year 1809.

That under the provisions of the Deed of Entail above mentioned the Petitioner has assumed the surname of Campbell in addition to and after that of Carter and is now generally known under the surname and designation of Thomas Tupper Carter-Campbell of Possil Esquire and the said Petitioner having Prayed that in further implement of the provisions of the said Deed of Entails that the Arms of Campbell of Possil might be matriculated of new in his own name as above designed in the said Public Register quarterly with his paternal Arms of Carter.

The Lyon King of Arms by Interlocutor of this date Granted Warrant to the Lyon Clerk to matriculate of new in the said public Register of all Arms and Bearings in Scotland in the name of Thomas Tupper Carter-Campbell of Possil Esquire the following Ensigns Armorial vizt quarterly first and fourth a Gyronny of eight or and Sable in chief a mullet counterchanged all within a bordure indented Azure and charged with eight Buckles of the first for Campbell of Possil; second and third, Argent, two Lions rampant combatant sable for Carter. Above the shield is placed a helmet befitting his Degree with a mantling sable doubled or, and upon a wreath of his Liveries is set for crest, a Boar’s head erect, erased Or armed and langued Azure, and in an Escrol over the same this motto FAC ET SPERA. Matriculated the eighteenth of January 1894. Extracted furth of the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland.

Crest Badges

The crest badges shown on this page are entitled to be worn by members and descendants of the Carter of Castle Martin family, the Campbell of Possil family and the Carter-Campbell of Possil family the latter two being a branch of Clan Campbell.

Robert Louis Stevenson

Virginbus Puerisque "Some Portraits By Raeburn Chapter 8". An essay by Robert Louis Stevenson. (last two paragraphs)

Robert Louis Stevenson refers to Sir Henry Raeburn's portraits of both Mrs Alexander Campbell of Possil and Mrs Colin Campbell of Park shown in the portrait galleries below.

Campbell Barons Colgrain

Colin Campbell of Colgrain was the younger brother of Colonel Alexander Campbell of Possil (his portrait by Sir Henry Raeburn is shown below). Campbell Barons Colgrain are a cadet branch of Campbell of Possil. Their Coat of Arms incorporates the Campbell of Possil motto 'fac et spera' (do and hope).

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