Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel may refer to:

In comics:

  • Captain Marvel (DC Comics), a Fawcett/DC comic book superhero, alter-ego of Billy Batson
    • Mary Marvel, called Captain Marvel in The Power of Shazam!
    • Captain Marvel Jr., called Captain Marvel in "Titans Tomorrow"
  • Captain Marvel (Marvel Comics), several Marvel Comics characters:
    • Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell), a member of the Kree race
    • Monica Rambeau, also known as Photon and Pulsar
    • Genis-Vell, also known as Legacy and Photon
    • Phyla-Vell, also known as Quasar
    • Captain Marvel (Khn'nr), a Skrull posing as Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell)
    • Mahr Vehl, the Ultimate Universe version of the Marvel Comics character "Captain Marvel"
    • Noh-Varr, formerly known as Marvel Boy but using the Captain Marvel alias in the Dark Avengers
    • Carol Danvers, also known as Ms. Marvel
  • Captain Marvel (Amalgam Comics), an amalgam of the Marvel and DC characters
  • Captain Marvel, a character in a 1966 comic by M. F. Enterprises

In other uses:

  • "Captain Marvel," a 1972 Chick Corea song first recorded by Stan Getz and then by Return to Forever
  • Captain Marvel, a 1972 album by Stan Getz
  • "Captain Marvel," nickname of footballer Bryan Robson (born 1957)
  • Adventures of Captain Marvel, a 1941 serial based on the Fawcett Comics character

Famous quotes containing the words captain and/or marvel:

    I shall not be forward to think him mistaken in his method who quickest succeeds to liberate the slave. I speak for the slave when I say that I prefer the philanthropy of Captain Brown to that philanthropy which neither shoots me nor liberates me.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    And there could I marvel my birthday
    Away but the weather turned around. And the true
    Joy of the long dead child sang burning
    In the sun.
    Dylan Thomas (1914–1953)