• (noun): An estimation of the value of a business.
    Synonyms: capitalization
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Birs - List of BIRS Companies
... The following table lists the 12 BIRS companies according to their market capitalisation on 22 August 2006 ... Rank Company Sector Capitalisation in BAM Capitalisation in Euros 1 Telekom Srpske a.d ...
Swiss Market Index - Rules - Acceptance Criteria
... requirements with regard to liquidity and market capitalisation ... on the other, have a minimum free-float capitalisation equal to 0.45% or more of the entire SPI capitalisation ... Moreover, trading volume and capitalisation are the determining factors in the quarterly rankings ...
German Orthography Reform Of 1996 - New Rules - Capitalisation
... The reform aims to make the capitalisation of nouns uniform, and clarifies the criteria for this ... Capitalisation after a colon is now obligatory if a full sentence or direct speech follow ... The polite capitalisation of du, dich, dein, ihr, euch, and euer (the cases of the familiar second person pronouns) in letters is discouraged, but it is retained for Sie, Ihnen, and Ihr (the ...
S&P/ASX 200 - Calculation
... Although the calculation starts with a sum of the market capitalisation of the constituent stocks, it's intended to reflect changes in share price, NOT market capitalisation ... value only changes when stock prices change, not whenever market capitalisation changes ... For example, if a company increases its market capitalisation by issuing new shares, the Divisor is adjusted so that the ASX 200 index value does not change ...
Colesberg Bank - Capitalisation
... A total of 1,250 shares were issued at £20 each giving an initial capitalisation of £25,000 ... Payment for shares was staggered, being £1 at allotment, £2 three months after allotment, £2 after six months etc ...

More definitions of "capitalisation":

  • (noun): The act of capitalizing on an opportunity.
    Synonyms: capitalization