Capital District Transportation Authority - Transit Development Plan

Transit Development Plan

In 2005, CDTA commissioned a transit development plan that would create a planned environment to react to needed changes in the CDTA organization.

Parts of this plan have included:

  • Replacing similar amounts of transit vehicles each year over an expected twelve year life span, creating a more uniform expectation of vehicles needing replacement, also replacing few and larger orders. This began in 2007, and is expected to reduce the costs of maintaining an aging fleet.
  • Replacing Orion VI buses by 2012 and the NABI and NovaBus LFS buses by 2014.
  • Installing LED destination signs on all vehicles, replacing expensive curtain style signage.
  • Expansion of service in Saratoga Springs, which took place in July 2007, in addition a further expansion is planned, and includes erecting and opening of a bus garage in Saratoga Springs for Saratoga County vehicles.
  • Redrawing bus routes in hopes to better serve riders, starting with Schenectady-based routes in the second half of 2007.
  • Implementation of a three-digit route system, in which the first digit will serve as an indication of the route's primary base.

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