Canine Brain Tumors - Clinical Signs

Clinical Signs

Two of the most important signs a dog may have an intracranial brain tumor are seizure and unexplained behavioral changes. Seizures manifest as a 1-2 minute display of a combination of the following: loss of consciousness, lateral recumbency (dog lying on its side), paddling of the legs, tremors, and involuntary urination/defecation. Often, the only signs an absent owner may have of a pet dog that has had a seizure is unexplained soiling of the floor by a normally house-broken pet. Behavioral changes can manifest in many ways to include nervousness, barking in the corner (dementia), pacing, aggressiveness or irritation, or deviation from normal routines. "Doggy headaches" can manifest as head pressing against walls, doors, or even owners themselves. Other signs that may be encountered are ataxia (uncoordinated ambulation), circling, blindness, lethargy, and disorientation.

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