Canadian Power Boat Company

Canadian Power Boat Company was a manufacturer of MTBs and similar craft in Canada during World War II.

Canadian Power Boat Company was set up by the British Power Boat Company to build Motor Torpedo Boats based on the Scott-Paine design. The company was located on St. Patrick Street, next to the Crane Company (makers of the popular plumbing fixtures). The MTBs were delivered mostly to the Royal Navy and some to the Netherlands.

Complete MTBs were taken up to the Lachine Canal and to Lake St. Louis for trials before delivery.

The company also built 26' harbour tenders using cold moulded 2 ply cedar planks and were similar to the MTBs.

The plant also made Mosquito aircraft fuselages that were sent to Ontario to complete the airframes.

After the war only three ships were ordered with only two completed. After 1957 the plant and company ceased to exist.

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