Cambridge Blue (colour)

Cambridge Blue is the colour commonly used by sports teams from Cambridge University. There is considerable dispute regarding the exact shade of the colour that should be used. Most notably, the colour used by the Cambridge University Boat Club is different from that used by the rugby union club. The Boat Club colour was created when Alf Twinn added more yellow to this shade.

The Cambridge University official colour style guide defines Cambridge Blue as Pantone 557; the nearest equivalent web colour is #A3C1AD.

This colour is actually a medium tone of spring green. Spring green colours are colours with an h code (hue code) of between 135 and 165; this colour has an h code of 140, putting it within the range of spring green colours on the RGB colour wheel.

The other (less traditional) colours selected for the house style are Pantone 285 (blue), 158 (orange), 369 (green), 513 (purple) and 7466 (teal). Pantone 032 (red) and 109 (yellow) feature in the official University coat of arms.

Cambridge Blue, along with Oxford Blue, is the official colour of Brisbane Grammar School and the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League.

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