California Legacy Project

California Legacy Project

The California Legacy Project (CLP) began in 2000 as a project at Santa Clara University (SCU) in Santa Clara, CA and later partnered with Heyday Books in Berkeley, CA. The project uses a research team of SCU interns to create radio scripts for the radio anthology "Your California Legacy" on KAZU 90.3 FM, Pacific Grove. This anthology broadcasts nearly 500 literary segments ranging from Gold Rush narratives to Beat poetry. Project interns also develop reader guides to accompany books released by the California Legacy Series (CLS). These supplemental guides include timelines, discussion questions, and additional reading suggestions.

CLS, a component of CLP, focuses on the literature of California’s past, publishing reprints, new anthologies, and single-author readers. Notable authors in the series include Mary Austin, Ambrose Bierce, Toshio Mori, John Muir, and Wallace Stegner. In addition to publishing, CLP also organizes a variety of presentations, panel discussions, and public readings throughout the state, highlighting the culture, heritage, and history of California.

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