Cahill (/ˈkɑːhɪl/; /ˈkɑːhɪl/ or /ˈkeɪhɪl/) is a name of Irish origin. In Irish, It is the anglicized version of the Gaelic "Ó Cathail" meaning "descendant of Cathal." "Cathal" consists of two parts: "cath" means battle; the second could be "val" (rule), so that the name as a whole meant "battle ruler" or "strong in battle", or it could be "all" (great), so that the name as a whole meant "great warrior". The surname may refer to:

  • Cahill U.S. Marshal a 1973 movie with John Wayne and George Kennedy.
  • Cahill (band) a house music group from Liverpool. Named after Tim Cahill.
  • Barry Cahill (1921-2012), Canadian-born actor
  • Barry Cahill (contemporary), Irish Gaelic Football player
  • Bernard J.S. Cahill (1866-1944), American architect and cartographer
  • Charles Cahill (disambiguation)
  • Christina Cahill (née Boxer, b. 1957), former British middle distance athlete
  • Darren Cahill (b. 1965), Australian professional tennis player and coach
  • Eddie Cahill (b. 1978), American actor
  • Edward Cahill (1867–1941), Irish Jesuit priest and academic
  • Erin Cahill (b. 1980), American actress
  • Gary Cahill (b. 1985), English football player
  • George F. Cahill (1869–1935), American inventor
  • Holger Cahill (1887–1960), Icelandic-American Director of the U.S. Federal Art Project
  • Horace T. Cahill (fl. 20th c.), American politician; Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts 1939–1945
  • James F. Cahill (1926 - 2008), American pioneer of scuba diving industry, one of the first Navy Seals
  • Joe Cahill (1920–2004), Irish republican and IRA leader
  • John Cahill (footballer) (b. 1940), Australian rules football player and coach
  • John Baptist Cahill (1841–1910), English Roman Catholic Bishop of Portsmouth
  • John P. Cahill (contemporary), American politician from New York; Chief of Staff to New York Governor Pataki
  • John T. Cahill (1903-66), American lawyer and prosecutor
  • Joseph Cahill (1891–1959), Australian politician, Premier of New South Wales 1952–1959
  • Joseph Cahill (director) (b. 1976), American filmmaker and music-video director.
  • Keenan Cahill (b. 1995). teenage viral video star
  • Kevin Cahill (contemporary), American politician from New York; state representative
  • Kevin Cahill (author) (b. 1944), Irish born author and investigative journalist
  • Kevin Cahill (actor) (b.1984), American actor
  • Leo Cahill (b. 1930), American professional football coach with the CFL
  • Mabel Cahill (1863–unknown), Irish championship tennis player
  • Martin Cahill (1949–1994), Irish criminal known as The General
  • Mary Ann Cahill (b. 1927), A founder of La Leche League International
  • Mary Beth Cahill (contemporary), American political figure, campaign manager for John Kerry
  • Mike Cahill (b. 1952), American tennis player
  • Mike Cahill (director) (b. 1979), American filmmaker
  • Ollie Cahill (contemporary), Irish professional football player
  • Patricia Cahill (disambiguation)
  • Richard Cahill, English professional football player
  • Robert Ellis Cahill (1934–2005), American author of books on history, folklore, shipwrecks, and pirates
  • Ronnie Cahill (b.1915), American football player
  • Rowan Cahill (b. 1945), Australian historian and journalist
  • Sally Cahill (contemporary), American voice actor and screen actress
  • Sally Cahill (contemporary), Australian actress
  • Sarah Cahill (b. 1978), American beauty queen
  • Sarah Cahill (b. 1960), American pianist, writer and radio host
  • Thaddeus Cahill (1867–1934), inventor of the telharmonium
  • Thomas Cahill (b. 1940), American scholar and writer
  • Thomas Cahill (1864-1951), American soccer coach
  • Tim Cahill (b. 1979), Australian professional football player
  • Tim Cahill (b. 1943), American travel writer and magazine editor
  • Timothy P. Cahill (b. 1959), American politician from Massachusetts; state treasurer
  • Tom Cahill (1924–1983), Australian politician from New South Wales
  • Trevor Cahill (b. 1988), American baseball player for the Arizona Diamondbacks
  • William T. Cahill (1912–1996), American politician from New Jersey; U.S. Representative
Fictional Characters

The 39 Clues: Amy Cahill, Dan Cahill, Grace Cahill, Hope Cahill, Beatrice Cahill, Fiske Cahill, James Cahill, Henry Cahill, Olivia Cahill, Gideon Cahill, Luke Cahill, Katherine Cahill, Thomas Cahill, Jane Cahill, and Madeleine Cahill.