C. H. Robinson Worldwide - Corporate Affairs

Corporate Affairs

C.H. Robinson's headquarters are located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

In 2008, the company reported gross revenue of $8.58 billion, up 17.3%, and net income up 10.8 percent to $359 million. In the fourth quarter, sales were virtually flat at $1.95 billion, while income rose 4.3% to $88.9 million. In 2009,its annual gross revenue declined by 11.7% to $7.6 billion. However, net revenues increased 0.5% to $1.3 billion. Total transportation revenues declined 16.2% and total purchased transportation services fell by 19.4%. The company attributes the decline to a weak economy and rising fuel prices. The company reported annual gross revenues of approximately $9.3 billion in 2010, and $10.6 billion in 2011.

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