Bust may refer to:

  • Bust (sculpture), a sculpture depicting a person's head and shoulders
  • Bust (magazine), a feminist pop culture magazine
  • Bust, Bas-Rhin, a city in north-eastern France
  • Bust, a word for a woman's breasts
  • Busted, a slang term for an arrest
  • Boom and bust cycle in economics
  • Going over 21 in blackjack

Famous quotes containing the word bust:

    They’ll bust you in the lobby. You look like a training poster for the narc squad.
    John Guare (b. 1938)

    The grizzly bear whose potent hug
    Was feared by all, is now a rug.

    Great Caesar’s bust is on the shelf,
    And I don’t feel so well myself.
    Arthur Guiterman (1891–1943)

    Workers of the world forgive me.
    —Graffito on the bust of Karl Marx in Bucharest. Quoted in Times (London, May 4, 1990)