Burr may refer to:

  • The Northumbrian Burr, a distinctive pronunciation of the letter R found in the northeast of England
  • Bur, type of seed or fruit with short, stiff bristles or hooks
  • The Burr distribution, continuous probability distribution
  • A burr (edge), deformation of metal wherein a raised edge forms on a metal part which has been machined
  • A burr (cutter), small cutter used in rotary tools for metalworking
  • A burr puzzle, type of interlocking mechanical puzzle
  • Burr (novel), book about Aaron Burr by Gore Vidal
  • Burr, or Borr, god of Norse Mythology
  • British spelling for burl, deformed grain growth in trees
  • Burr, abbreviation for the orchid genus Burrageara
  • Burr Truss, architectural feature often used in covered bridges
  • Burr (crater), crater on Callisto
  • A Dental drill
  • Aaron Burr (1756–1836), U.S. vice president
  • Albert G. Burr (1829–1882), U.S. politician
  • Bill Burr (born 1968), stand-up comedian
  • Chandler Burr (born 1963), an American journalist and author
  • Clive Burr (born 1957), drummer
  • George Elbert Burr (1859–1939), American painter and printmaker
  • George Lincoln Burr (1857–1938), American historian
  • Harold Saxton Burr (1889–1973), American anatomist
  • Jeff Burr (born 1963), movie actor, scenarist and producer
  • Joseph Tyrrell (1858–1957), full name Joseph Burr Tyrrell, geologist
  • Raymond Burr (1917–1993), actor
  • Richard Burr (born 1955), U.S. senator from North Carolina
  • Theodore Burr (1771–1822/24), inventor of the Burr Truss
  • Burr, Saskatchewan, hamlet in Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Burr, Nebraska, village in U.S.
  • Bur, Yemen

Famous quotes containing the word burr:

    Heaven sometimes hedges a rare character about with ungainliness and odium, as the burr that protects the fruit.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)