Burning Chrome (short Story Collection)

Burning Chrome (ISBN 978-0-06-053982-5) is a collection of short stories written by William Gibson. Most of the stories take place in Gibson's Sprawl, an anonymous, shared setting for most of his cyberpunk work. Many of the ideas and themes explored in the short stories were later revisited in Gibson's popular Sprawl trilogy.

Burning Chrome was published in 1986, and includes:

  • "Johnny Mnemonic"
  • "The Gernsback Continuum"
  • "Fragments of a Hologram Rose"
  • "The Belonging Kind," with John Shirley
  • "Hinterlands"
  • "Red Star, Winter Orbit," with Bruce Sterling
  • "New Rose Hotel"
  • "The Winter Market"
  • "Dogfight," with Michael Swanwick
  • "Burning Chrome"

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