Bruce Miller

Bruce Miller may refer to:

  • Bruce Miller (politician), politician in Alberta, Canada
  • Bruce Miller (soccer) (born 1957), retired Canadian soccer player
  • Bruce Miller (baseball) (born 1947), infielder for the San Francisco Giants baseball team
  • Bruce Miller (American football) (born 1987), fullback for the San Francisco 49ers

Famous quotes containing the words bruce and/or miller:

    The reason I’m in this business, I assume all performers are—it’s “Look at me, Ma!” It’s acceptance, you know—”Look at me, Ma, look at me, Ma, look at me, Ma.” And if your mother watches, you’ll show off till you’re exhausted; but if your mother goes, Ptshew!
    —Lenny Bruce (1925–1966)

    Never in my life have I met anyone who did not agree that Emerson is an inspiring writer. One may not accept his thought in toto, but one comes away from a reading of him purified, so to say, and exalted. He takes you to the heights, he gives you wings. He is daring, very daring. In our day he would be muzzled, I am certain.
    —Henry Miller (1891–1980)