Brownsville may refer to:

United States
  • Brownsville, California (disambiguation), the name of several places
  • Brownsville, Florida
    • Brownsville (Metrorail station), located at the above location
  • Brownsville, the original name of the South Atlanta neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia
  • Brownsville, Illinois, in Jackson County
  • Brownsville (Unincorporated Town), Illinois, in White County
  • Brownsville, Indiana
  • Brownsville, Kentucky
  • Brownsville, Maryland
  • Brownsville, Minnesota
  • Brownsville, Mississippi, in Hinds County, Mississippi
  • Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York
  • Brownsville, Ohio
  • Brownsville, Oregon
  • Brownsville, Pennsylvania
    • Brownsville, Berks County, Pennsylvania
    • Brownsville Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania
  • Brownsville, Tennessee
  • Brownsville, Texas, largest population among cities with this name
  • Brownsville, Vermont
  • Brownsville, Washington
  • Brownsville, Wisconsin
  • Brownsville, British Columbia
  • Brownsville, Nova Scotia
  • Brownsville, Durham Region, Ontario
  • Brownsville, Oxford County, Ontario
  • Brownsville Station, Ontario
  • The original name of Schomberg, Ontario
  • An early settlement of Woodbridge, Ontario, founded between 1802-1837, now subsumed by Woodbridge
  • Brownsville, New South Wales, a suburb of Wollongong, New South Wales