Brisbane Roar FC - Support


Brisbane Roar have two supportter groups, the main supporter group is known as The Den. The Den are located in Bay 332 of the Northern stand of Suncorp Stadium, where they have been since the inaugural season of the A-League. .

In 2010, a breakaway supporters group, the River City Crew or RCC, were formed. Now known as the River City Collective, the core of the group were originally members of the Den, the RCC are located in Bay 326 in the corner of the Northern Stand of Suncorp Stadium. The group is focused on and based around active support. While members of the Den the group was known as Brisbane Boys, however broke away to form their own identity. Prior to the commencement of the 2012/2013 season, Brisbane Roar Football club announced to the River City Collective that they would no longer have a designated section at Suncorp stadium on match days. However the group fought this ruling and with support from around the country was awarded another section in the stadium. The group prides itself on being able to offer european style and active support to the people of Brisbane.

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