Brigada - Music


Reflective of Russians' affinity to music,- classical music and musical instruments are well represented in the series. Upright pianos are in the homes of Sasha's mother and Kosmos' father. Olga is a violinist and her rehearsing on a violin impresses Sasha to court her. Olga and Sasha attend a Bolshoi Theater performance of Swan Lake Waltz. This is a non-exhaustive list of music identified in the series:

  • Tchaikowski Swan Lake Waltz in Bolshoi Theater performance
  • Morning Mood by Peer Gynt (Grieg) during film review awards
  • Rock Solid Blues return in a vegetable truck after a near death experience
  • The Power (Snap! song) in a Doll's Bar accompaniment to exotic dancing
  • Anitra's Dance by Peer Gynt (Grieg) where Sasha snorting his first cocaine with Kosmos

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