Bridges - People


  • Alexander Bridges, English footballer
  • Angelica Bridges (born 1973), American actress, model and singer
  • Barry Bridges (born 1941), English footballer
  • Beau Bridges (born 1941), American actor
  • Bles Bridges (1947–2000), South African singer
  • Calvin Bridges (1889–1938), American geneticist
  • Charles Scott Bridges (1903–1961), American businessman
  • Edward Ettingdene Bridges, 1st Baron Bridges (1892–1969), British civil servant and Cabinet Secretary
  • Elisa Bridges (1973–2002), American model and actress
  • Garey Bridges (born 1969), British actor
  • George Bridges (disambiguation), multiple people
  • George Washington Bridges (1825–1873), American politician
  • Harry Bridges (1901–1990), American labor leader
  • Hedley Francis Gregory Bridges (1902–1947), Canadian politician
  • Henry Bridges (1697–1754), architect and clockmaker
  • Henry L. Bridges (1874–1939), American politician
  • Jeff Bridges (born 1949), American actor
  • John Bridges (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Jordan Bridges (born 1973), American actor
  • Lloyd Bridges (1913–1998), American actor
  • Lucas Bridges (1874–1949), Anglo-Argentine author and explorer
  • Ludacris (born 1977), Rapper born Christopher Bridges
  • Marilyn Bridges (born 1948), American photographer
  • Mark Bridges (born 1954), English lawyer
  • Michael Bridges (born 1978), English footballer
  • Penny Bae Bridges (born 1990), American actress
  • Robert Bridges (1844–1930), English Poet Laureate
  • Rocky Bridges (born 1927), American baseball player
  • Roy D. Bridges, Jr. (born 1943), American astronaut
  • Ruby Bridges (born 1954), American activist
  • Rutt Bridges, American geophysicist and politician
  • Stephen Bridges (born 1960), British ambassador to Cambodia 2000–2005
  • Steve Bridges (1963–2012), American comedian, impressionist and actor
  • Styles Bridges (1898–1961), American politician
  • Thomas Bridges (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Todd Bridges (born 1965), American actor
  • William Bridges (disambiguation), multiple people

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