Brian Freeman

Brian James Freeman is an author whose fiction has been published in magazines and anthologies including Borderlands 5, Corpse Blossoms, and all four volumes of the Shivers series. His first novel, Black Fire, was written under the pseudonym James Kidman. Published in 2004 by Leisure Books and Cemetery Dance Publications, the book was nominated for the Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel, one of the major awards in the horror genre. His work has been nominated for several awards in the horror genre over the years. Cemetery Dance Publications recently published his Blue November Storms, a new novella, and The Illustrated Stephen King Trivia Book, which he wrote with Stephen King expert Bev Vincent. Acclaimed horror artist Glenn Chadbourne created over fifty unique illustrations for the book.

He graduated from Shippensburg University in 2002 with a journalism degree. Brian Freeman lives in Pennsylvania and he is currently writing a new novel.

His first published work was the 1994 short story "Bus Trip" in the anthology Paths of Imagination. His first novel was Black Fire in 2004.

Brian Freeman is also the owner and publisher of Lonely Road Books, a publishing company that specializes in deluxe signed limited edition books. Lonely Road Books has released and are releasing books by Stephen King (Blockade Billy and Riding the Bullet: The Deluxe Special Edition Double) Ray Garton (The Arthur Darknell Double), Douglas Clegg (The Vampyricon Trilogy: The Definitive Special Edition), Stewart O'Nan (Poe), and the Dark Forces: The 25th Anniversary Special Edition anthology edited by Kirby McCauley.

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