Brew may refer to:

  • Brew (horse), a Melbourne Cup winner in 2000
  • Drip brew, a method for brewing coffee
  • Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon (BREW)

In computing:

  • Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless (Brew or BREW), a development platform for mobile phones created by Qualcomm
  • Homebrew (package management software) - A package manager for Mac OS X
  • Brew program, a build system used within and internal to Red Hat to build their Linux distribution packages


  • Brew House Association, an artistic collective on the south side of Pittsburgh
  • Brew Records, a record label producing UK-based band Hawk Eyes
  • Business Resource Efficiency and Waste programme, part of the UK government's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

In slang:

  • a slang term for coffee
  • a slang term for beer
  • a slang term for Hebrew or Jew
  • a slang term for smoking cannabis products
  • a Northern English slang term for a cup of tea
  • a Northern English slang term for a hill
  • a Scottish slang term for Jobseeker's Allowance

Brewing may refer to:

  • Brewing, the production of beverages and fuels through fermentation
  • Brewing (cooking), the production of beverages through boiling or simmering

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Famous quotes containing the word brew:

    To brew up an adult, it seems that some leftover childhood must be mixed in; a little unfinished business from the past periodically intrudes on our adult life, confusing our relationships and disturbing our sense of self.
    Roger Gould (20th century)