Bradford Bulls Statistics

Bradford Bulls Statistics

Tries in a game

Record & Player Against Date
7 tries by Jim Dechan Bramley 13 October 1906

Goals in a game

Record & Player Against Date
15 Goals by Iestyn Harris Toulouse 19 April 2008

Most points in a game

Record & Player Against Date
36 by John Woods Swinton 13 October 1985

Most tries in a season

Player Tries Date
Jack McLean 63 1951–1952

Most goals in a season

Player Goals Year
Henry Paul 203 (+ 4 dg) 2001

Most points in a season

Player Points Year
Henry Paul 446 2001

Most career tries

Player Tries Years
Jack McLean 261 1950–56

Most career goals

Player Goals Year
Paul Deacon 781 2006

Most career points

Player Tries Years
Paul Deacon 1'834 As of 23 June 2006

Most career appearances

Player appearances Years
Keith Mumby 580 (+8 as a substitute 1973–90, 1992–93

Biggest win

Team Score Date
Toulouse Olympique 98–6 19 April 2008

Heaviest defeat

Team Score Date
St Helens 4–66 5 June 2005

Bradford attendance Record

Team Attendance Date
Huddersfield 69,429 14 March 1953

Odsal attendance record

Teams Attendance Date
Warrington vs Halifax 102,569 5 May 1954

Record attendance in Super League era

Team Attendance Date
Leeds Rhinos 24,020 9 August 1999

Bradford Bulls Super League Records

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